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Justin Bieber

"Put Me On"

[Hook: Sage the Gemini]

I look at the bigger picture
I walk around my hood and take pictures
Pockets bigger
Puttin' on for my hood for these niggas
But they be hatin' on a nigga
Yeah, yeah, they be hatin' on a nigga
Yeah, I like that

[Verse 1: Sage the Gemini]

Doing these interviews, saying where my heart is
I'm from Fairfield and niggas still mock me the hardest
Just because I can't help you niggas be artists
And got the nerve to tell me don't forget where I started
I know where I started nigga thats the bottom
Tryna buy equipment where money was the problem
I can outsmart em'
Me and my brother Cadence
Both thirteen tryna clean nigga's places
Just to buy our first microphone at Gordon's
Around this time you niggas
Wouldn't think to record shit
Sage wasn't important, I don't know you niggas
Remember I used to say, "I'ma show you niggas"
MTV, a few songs on the billboards
You niggas still at home hangin' out with your real boys
And I'm the man, you niggas are still boys
And I'm big on niggas ears like keloids


[Verse 2: Sage the Gemini]

I got a few wins under a young nigga's belt
I understand you feel like I'm the easiest help
I'm trying to own the whole house listen to me well
Because sometimes your foot in the door just don't help
I can't help you if I'm tryna help myself
Get off my chest I can't invest with no wealth
Like I said, most of yall' wasn't there when I started
Might of made it, but on paper I'm still a new artist
The reason I got a name from when it was dry, or it pouring
I was tryna make beats past four in the mornin'
Not under bitches who be drinking and smokin'
But under the PC, hella' slow when it's loadin'
The message for you niggas, when I'm done and they're homeless
Don't be hatin' when I can't help put you on
Strive for the spot till the struggle is gone
But even then, work harder until the struggle is foreign


[Shady Bo]
What's happening though, man?
My nigga S-A-G motherfucking E
This your bro Shady Bo nigga
Ain't out there right now to see you shine bruh but you good
I'll be free soon. I See you doing your thing, lil bruh
You came a long, long, long long way nigga
As long as you stick nigga, Yeah nigga 15 nigga, 16 nigga
You ain't lit up bruh
Keep your foot on the gas, bruh
And some hatin' ass, be hatin', bruh
Just do you bruh
You are a tank nigga
Just keep on doin it bruh
I'll be home to see you sign the stone, nigga formal nigga
Legend, nigga

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