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Justin Bieber


[Hook: Sage the Gemini]
It's the Bay ho, fuck feelings
I spit crack nigga, fuck dealin'
We need the money girl, fuck billin'
Bitch I'm a boss, I don't do the killin'
I be going stupid as fuck, I be going stupid as fuck
All my niggas dumb, we going stupid as fuck
All my niggas stupid as fuck

[Verse 1: Sage the Gemini]
Pull up in the bimmer, I sit cleaner
I look like a movie, your bitch my teaser
When she bend over backwards, Keanu Reeves her
Heart Break Mob, make a bitch seizure
I don't handcuff that trick
You can take my ho, I had enough of that bitch
I'm eaten, I got enough of them chips
I see food, but niggas don't eat fish
I'm stupid, [?]
Two phones in case my girl try to go through it
Two hoes going nae nae
Got fame so he doing what I say-say
Grocery sex, call it the Safeway
I ain't having no kids, bitch you ain't Bey-Bey


[Verse 2: Sage the Gemini]
I look like your girlfriend pimp
And no doubt her boyfriend's a simp
Real nigga, now you know I don't rent
And all my niggas carry like Jim
Used to get no play at Dover
Now I say, "hurry up and let's just get this over"
I gave her that range and she bought that Rover
Four leaf clover, lucky if I told ya
707, you know the Field
And ya momma want the pickle cause she know the deal
Take ya girl out, she think I got the bill
You live a fairy tale, I tell her keep it real
Walk in the mall and buy everything
Fly nigga, but I hate getting in airplanes
C5, I see five and then I push away
Trying to get rich like why you feel some type of way


[Verse 3: E-40]
I be going stupid as fuck
She want me to put it in her hole like a golf putt
As far as my car audio system, the beat is agonizing
I keep a 30 round clip extendo that'll make noise like an instrumental
When I was broke, I scooted a Pinto, money stretching now like a limo
I'm a top hat, I'm a staple, I'm a pillar
Who you cool with?
Cool with all the goons and the dealers (and the dealers)
Bay area living over the stove cooking
Swinging a bat, never going down looking
Precision and versatility, gotta pay my utility
Growing up in the Bay, gotta be strong mentally
Strapped with the HK, slap an HBK
Keep it 100 grand now, this where they make pipes outta beer cans
The streets is polluted with guns and coke
And San Quentin, what they do?
They make dominos with bar soap


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