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Justin Bieber

"Go Somewhere"

[Hook: Sage The Gemini]
Excuse me? I know you don't care
But I saw you from across the room
And I just wanna say I like your hair
Maybe some time we can
Go somewhere? Hey. (x8)

[Verse 1: iamSu!]
Yeah, excuse my manners
I just wanna, I just wanna do it on camera
Where you wanna go baby we could go anywhere?
And if I already landed then I'm gonna send you there
I got a pocket that has nothing but some Benjamins
You so sweet you should change your name to Cinnamon
I be making dividends in hella different states
These niggas out of line Imma put them in place
Real good organization
Heartbreak gang we are more than a nation
Aborting these babies, I ain't feeling these Niggas
Lick their bitch like a letter and them im sending these niggas fates

[Verse 2: Sage The Gemini]
Go go somewhere tear down the wall
Got the number for your drawers making bootycalls
Girl I'm just playing
Gotta get like Jeff and get married I'm just saying, yeah
Money to the max just went up the bank
Got me in the clouds just without the plane
Imagine us living life out in maine
HBK gang yeah we here to stay
A real one need a real one
Chasing you girl thats a real run
With me you gonna have some good times
So if you lose him no I ain't a re-run



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