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Justin Bieber

"Look At Me"

Woah.woah. woah.woah.woah.woah.wow.woah.woah.wow.woah.woah.woah.woah.woah.Yamine hey let's go
(Verse 1)
I just bought a hit (a hit)
I'll fuck you up don't forget (forget)
I ride around in a coupe (coupe)
Stay all strapped to the roof (roof)
21 stay in the trap (trap)
And Drake know how to rap (hey)
I always keep packing and never go slacking (slacking)
I wait for the moment I get at it (at it)
She always stay cheating oh stay cheating (cheating)
I remember I used to take her children to Chuck E Cheeses (Ho)
Fuck around with me my nigga you gon be deleted (gone)
I'm up in the studio right now freestyling for no reason (reason)
YME always staying fly (fresh)
Knowing everyday I might get high (smoke it)
High in stats and high in the sky (sky)
These kids don't know how to rap
So they lie (lie)
Down in East Atlanta we always up in the hype (hype)
Zone, zone, three my nigga you know that's right (right)(repeat)
Fuck around with us my nigga you gon' see da light (light)
I'm always looking fresh my nigga so I'm not blind (can't see)
You need to be high off that patron (drink it)
And off in your own zone (zone)
Look at me my nigga....
I have my own phone (ringing)
Look at me my nigga.......
I downloaded a new tone (ringing)
Watch me when I'm gone (gone)
Fuck around with me while I'm home (home)
Brake. brake. brake. brake
Hold up
Look at me I'm prone
Deez hoes all up in cone
My freestyling grow
Now I am a crow
Now I am on a roll
Just go pick your Afro
Young Jeezy think he lit
No never mind just forget
Diggy Simmons ain't no bitch
He knows he's a rapping legend
Juicy J is a boss
More boss then Rick Ross
T.I. all goes floss
Watch me go and toss

I ride around in a coupe
Watch me blow off the roof
Look at me now go POOF!
Chris Brown is Spoof
Look at me now smoking Weed
It was grown in Tennessee
I wrote this part don't you see
While I'm drinking Hennessy (repeat)

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