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Justin Bieber

"Swag So Mean"

[Intro: Justin Bieber]
Swag's mean, uh, swag's mean

[Chorus: Justin Bieber]
Yeah she want me cause my swag so mean
I know I want her cause her swag so mean
You know you got it when your swag so mean
Swag's mean, uh, swag's mean

[Verse 1: Varsity Fanclub]
I be rocking them red bottom kicks
Shopping sprees everyday, yeah, yeah, that's it
They love the way I'm riding, riding
It's almost like I'm flying, flying

I may be only 18 but I can floss
The way I put it down on the floor yeah I rock
I know you like my status, status
When I show up you get madness cause I'm fresh

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Varsity Fanclub]
All these people keep saying I'm legit
They say I doing big, yeah, yeah I'm the shit
Thank you cause I'm flattered, flattered
Yo them records getting shattered, shattered

I be dropping them stacks, stacks everywhere I be
Falling, falling love, but baby it's not for me
No drama, don't want problems, problems
I be rocking all night long, night long, yeah

[Chorus x2]

[Bridge: Varsity Fanclub]
Yo hanging out with yo boys VFC
They be banking on the tracks with JB, yeah
They be rock-rocking all night baby
Baby get in bar fights yep Jayk that’s right
You can call me Tunchi, all these ladies wanna see
When I do my damn thang they say gimme that money
Chick nah I ain't gon' spend nothing cause ha..
I get all these hoes for free

[Chorus x2]

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