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Justin Bieber

"Fuck Up Da Fun"

Who want it?
Who-who want it?
Gimme 4 5’s at the door for a 20
Tell ya grandma I'm a need more money
And we getcha wide eye little Steve Buscemi
Ready, steady, Chase like I'm Chevy
Gotta make a move like I need a new tenant
Started with a tune got the whole room pregnant
Now one dudes cool, now there’s one too many
Petty, Freddie, nah don’t sweat it
In the top 5, now I’m ten times better
Kept me outside, and I come back dreaded
With a thick patois, like what now boi (boy)
Woolly, Bully, bang bang bullet
Let that thang rang, when I slang slang fully
We got gang bang, when I think things gully
But the big bank game getting strange like a mullet
Holy Moly, boy look at him
More like Tom Boyd when he's bored in the gym
Whatcha die for, was it poured to the brim
Reported by George or According to Jim
Record for the win, horde for the grim
Drawing and scoring, restoring the Zen
Lord I adore him the story of Lin
When you thrive on the court in New York and then sent
Down in the South where I'm browsing about
And my style's unbalanced a cow to a mouse
Vowels can vouch style don’t slouch
Bouncing a thou’, for a thousand an ounce
Now's for the towel, stick around for the bout
Arousing aloud, you could tell how i tout
Pound for the pound, knock him out for the count
When I 1-2-3-4-5, yo he’s out, Choi
Yo he’s out
You feel me though?
Who want what? I can dance on the floor
With two left foot
When I stand with a sword, making nuance cut
Make a man unsure, got his two nuts cup(ped)
God damn so pure only two buck chuck
No Zanax, the poor, I don't do that stuff
I've been sayin, I’m sore, till I (blew out?) lust
Russ Brand Richard Brandson a dual mesh off
It’s a true best of
Understand it's a sham and your plans a no no
Me and this rap game
It's like T and cocoa
Waiting for the shows doing jams and go go
For those who don't know it
It was ropes and go mo(re)
Hoes’ go broke, with the blow up their nose
Show's a bozo, but oh you dodo
Dough was so low don't impose the growth bro
Know your role ho, I flow pro bono
You two don't get shit confused
I bruise if you goose
And ooze like prune juice
Lose a tooth goofin’ off you goof troop
(First half?), Say doof like who’s who
Booze and brew, boobs, and boobs is what I do
Dude enthusiasts get moody when I come through
Show the true meaning of brilliant evolution
Only a true theory, now Judas, ya don’t be rude
Food for thought
Wars were fought over a god
Thanks a lot dog
No wonder they say you’re fraud
Pacs got shot making strange, insane, odd
They take our best men and lay them up in the sod
Ain't a façade, I parade in a fog
And I pray for the day we can stray from the sob
Changing the game, you can thank when I'm gone
Get the one thing straight, I am great when I'm on
Hella strong
Look at these huge biceps

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