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Justin Bieber

"You Want Me"

Ha, it's Justin Bieber

I can take you to a new world, take your problems away
Tell me what you want to do girl, just come right this way
I don't never need a new girl, no cause you're here to stay
Lemme show you what I do girl and you'll never leave

You want me, girl, you know you want me
You want me, you want me
Girl, you know you want me right, go, right, go, right, right
Girl, you know you want me right

[Verse 1]
Yeah you said that you love me, yeah I said that I love you too
Let you know that you're lovely, flowers for nothing just for you
You know I got you until the whole world ends
You know I got you, won't you come and be my girlfriend?
Cause you're scared to fall, but you won't spread your wings
You know it's hard to fly when you don't try new things
And I'mma be the one to make you smile for a minute
Put your head down, lick it down for a minute
Baby, maybe this sounds crazy
Thinking about you lately
I just need a
I just need a lady, save me

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus] X2

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