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Justin Bieber


What? Wait
But yesterday we were
I don't understand

[Verse 1]
We started out it was perfect, nothing but fun
And my heart was convinced to say that you're the one
And I thought it would last for the rest of our lives
Boy was I in for a big surprise
With no doubt looking round, thinking that I'm so cool
Same place, same time every day of my life, could we meet after school?
Finally if I didn't make her cry
She wouldn't be with another guy

Nothing can cure my headache
Cause I'm experiencing what they call heartbreak
It’s gonna hurt worse as long as I stay here
I know but man just let me lay here
Cause this is something that I can't shake
I must be experiencing what they call heartbreak
They say it's only just as worse as you make it
I know but man just let me lay here

[Verse 2]
Now I'm all tore up taking back when I was at your door
The first time when you said, "Forever I'll be yours"
Started walking, your hand in my hand, feelings got stronger
We made a promise
And whenever I leave, it feels like you're still with me
But it all came crashing down
Sitting in my room I got to get out of here
What am I to do when I look up and you’re not there, woah?


Say I'm too young for love
I got so much life to live ahead
But, if only this is love I could get over
I know I have to deal with the pain


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