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Justin Bieber


[Verse 1]
Holy goof, who gon' do it if it's not me?
Oh it's only you, whoopdie do who gon' stop me?
Linking up with Tek in Cincinnati
Steady rocking rhymes while you talk Illuminati
Child please, steaming hot steady making broccoli
Sugar snap peas, better piece what I'm sprouting
Bounce b like we going out with no house keys
Leave 'em like wow, so wow, don't know how he
(?) be proud freaking speak loudly
Can't figure out, go try to seek therapy
Hourly, rate is like 15 for fakes
Got 16s for real, a big screen in space
And Brooke Shields so real I can almost lick her face
A slicker Navy Seal, I ain't slippin' 'til it's safe
One more sip and I can taste it, notice the concentration
Got that fresh juice, it's the end of conversation
Forget about it, it's stellar talent, he's well around it
A better challenge an entire planet he been around it
Get your calendar counting up all the men who doubted
Friends that matter don't flatter you they just get the pound
Gather around it's astounding I quickly think it's crowded
The highly touted get routed without a set to salvage
Since it's valid, I'm setting aside the Caesar salad
Instead of violence I keep the balance and clean my palette
This is Allen in game one when they won
Tyronn Lue, you lose but hope you stay strong
Take the rapping way back into where it came from
You say you stacking my tracks but couldn't name one
Stay hungry, stay cool, play dumb
Skip school and break rules, it's way fun
Grey Goose with Jesus and his gay son
Phase two, it's steak juice; A1

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