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Justin Bieber

"Youngsta music"

Youngsta music
Lil twist ft. lil pio and justin bieber

[Lil twist]
So better watch out my niggas
Cause we eatin, them haters steady creepin
Top of the game, while them suckas steady peakin
So hush up, yeah be quiet when im speakin
Big money talk, Twizzy F, the deacon preachin
Im just takin off and from them niggas thats leechin
For instance Im ballin, them other lil niggas is reachin
Kinda foul, especially now that Tm all that they girls talk about
Especially now that Im legal baby, Im wildin out
The young boss ballin babygirl, YM the scout
You wanna know if its clout? No doubt, count it out
Other niggas better respectin all my shouts
Every other way is like a dominic king
Justin bieber is my friend
He got all the girls even when he was real young
This one girl told me he knows how to use a tongue
Ha yea
Now lil pio is a friend don’t know him that much because he is brand new
Lets hear them now
(justin bieber)
Oh oh oh oh
Oooooooooh yeeea
I have the girls listening to my music
Yeaa I feel the party all around me
What is the deal with everyone tryin to diss me
All the girls don’t can't you see
Just look through my messages ohhhh
My life is big and its at the top
No more room im gonna fall
But the top ain't even that taaall(not that tall)
Feeling the air
All up in my hair
These girls treat me like its fair
Ladies im not game so don’t treat me fair ill probably treat you the same
This song ain't about love but I don’t feel ashame(I don’t feel ashame)
Lil piooo
Lil twiiist
And meeeee just made youngsta music
{lil pio}
Niggas look at me like I don’t mean nothin
They talk behind my back sayin that they better
But believe me I am better
Don’t be sayin that nigga
Look the other way nigga
That’s all I have to say nigga
We all up and so high in the sky right now
Lil twist gets things twist all up in your head
Justin knows how to be a player
I am the rap slayer
We all the youngsters
My rhythm and beat
All about youngsta music
-end of song-

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