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Busta Rhymes Lyrics

Untitled 2018 Album (2018)

Street Gutter Hip Hop Vol. 5 (2017)

LBC Movement presents Beach City (2016)

Red Oktoba (2016)

Hip Hop Basics Vol. 3 : Golden Years (Ep.2) 1993-1997 (2015)

NBA 2K15 Soundtrack (2015)

Goldyn Chyld (2014)

Datz WTF I'm Talkin Bout (2013)

Catastrophic (2012)

Fizzyology (2012)

Classic Joints (2011)

We Are The World (Artist: Artists for Haiti) (2010)

Fast & Furious (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2009)

Girls All Around the World (Remix) (2008)

New Crack City (2006)

The Champions (The North Meets The South) (2006)

2BIG (2005)

Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary: The Hits (2004)

Dirt McGirt (Bootleg) (2004)

Invasion Part II: Conspiracy Theory (2003)

Love Don't Cost a Thing (Original Soundtrack) (2003)

NBA Live 2003 Soundtrack (2002)

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2000)

Greatest Hits (RCA Version) (1999)

Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1998)

When We Were Kings Soundtrack (1997)

Greatest Funkin' Hits (1996)

Unreleased (1)

After The Storm (Import)


DJ KaySlay & Greg Street the Champions (The North Meets the South)

E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End of the World

Earthly Women

I Bullshit You Not

It's About Time

Perilous 7"

Prelude to the Big Bang EP

Salute The General

Shmurda (Remix)

Speaks For Itself

The End Of The World

The [Abstract] Best Vol. 1


Other Songs

'96 Anthem - You're The One (Allstar Rap Remix)
2009 Jordans
60 Second Assassins
60 seconds assasin
A Buncha Niggas
A Trip Out of Town
A** on your shoulders
Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship (remix)
About Me
Add On Interlude
Address Me As Mister (Remix)
Adrenaline (J.Period remix)
Against All Odds
All Gold Everything
All I Do Is Win (Remix)
All Night
All Over
American Dream
Ante Up (100 Guns remix)
Ante Up (Remix)
Anything You Want
Arab Money
Arab Money (Promo Only clean edit)
Arab Money (Remix)
Arab money - dirty
Arab Money - Radio Version
As I Come Back
Ass On Your Shoulders
Back on my b.s. intro
Back on my b.s. intro / wheel of fortune
Backseat Freestyle
Bad Boy For Life (Remix)
Bad Dreams
Bad Girls (Remix)
Baggage Handlers
Baggage Handlers
Beast (Southpaw Remix)
Beat A Rapper Down
Been Through the Storm
Berserk Boy
Best I Ever Had (Remix)
Betta Stay Up In Your House
Beware of the Rampsack
Big Poppa
Bill Gates Remix
Blame It (Extended Remix)
Bleed the Same Blood
Blockstars (Album Version)
Bongo Break
Bottles & Rockin' J's
Bottles And Rocking J's
Bottoms Up (Remix 1)
Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It)
Brake Lights
Break My Heart (Remix 2)
Break of Dawn
Break Ya Neck
Break Ya Neck
Broad Daylight
Build Ya Skillz
Bully Foot
Bus Stop
Bus-A-Bus Interlude
Bus-a-Bus Remix
Busta f***in problem
Busta Rhymes - Freestyle
Busta Rhymes Freestyle
Busta's Intro
Busta's Outro
Butch & Sundance
C'mon (Catch 'Em by Surprise)
C'Mon (Catch Em' By Surprise)
C'mon All My Niggas, C'mon All My Bitches
C'mon All My Niggaz, C'mon All My Bitches
C'Mon Wit Da Get Down (Buckwild Remix)
C'Mon Wit Da Git Down (Remix)
C'Mon [Catch 'Em By Surprise] Instrumental
Ça va trop vite
Call Da Police
Call the Ambulance
Call The Ambulance (Remix)
Calm Down
Calm Down (Alternate)
Calm Down (Instrumentals)
Calm Down 2.0
Calm Down 3.0
Calm Down Single Art
Calm Down(Persian Translation)
Can I Get a Witness (Interlude)
Can You Keep Up?
Can't Stop the Reign 2006 (Remix)
Can't Tell Me Nothing (Remix)
Capital Punishment Album Cover
Case of the PTA
Cash Money / Young Mula
Cha Cha Cha
Change Like The Weather
Choose A Side
Chris Lighty
Clear the Air
Clear the Air (Remix)
Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack
Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack Remix
Cold Blood
Come and Get It
Come Around (Remix)
Come on Down
Come on Down skit
Come Thru (Move)
Coming Off
Crane Style
Cut From A Different Cloth
C`Mon (Catch `Em By Surprise) - Instrumental
Da Goodness
Daft Punk Louis Vuitton Full Mix 2008
Dance for You
Dangerous (Kraddy remix)
Dangerous (Natural Born Chillers remix)
Dangerous MC's
Dead Wrong (Remix) (Alternate Version)
Diamond In The Ruff
Different Cloth
Dinner Time
Dis Generation
Do it Big
Do it Now
Do It To Death
Do It To Me
Do My Thing
Do My Thing (remix)
Do That Thing
Do The Bus A Bus
Doctor's Advocate
Doin It Again
Dolla Bill (Remix)
Don't Believe 'Em
Don't Cha
Don't Cha
Don't Cha (More Booty)
Don't Ever Play Yourself
Don't Get Carried Away
Don't Play Wit It
Don't Touch Me
Don't Touch Me (Remix)
Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water on 'Em)
Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'em) (clean) (Promo Only clean edit)
Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em) (Remix)
Doves in the Wind
Driver's Seat
Drop It
Drummer Boy
E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front [Tracklist]
Earthquake (All Stars Remix)
East Coast REMIX
Eff Granddad
Elevator Music
En Why Cee (NYC) (Remix)
Enjoy Da Ride
Everybody on the Line Outside
Everybody Rise
Everybody Rise Again
Everything Remains Raw
Extinction Level Event (The Song of Salvation)
Faces of Death
Fall Back
Fallin' Remix
Fastest rap ever (new 2011)
Feel My Pain
Figadoh (Remix)
Fight Night (Remix)
Final Hour
Fire (Yes Yes Y'all Remix)
Fire It Up (remix)
Fireworkz (feat. ti, big sean & tyrese)
Fireworkz (Remix)
Flashlight (The GrooveMasters' Mix)
Flava In Ya Ear
Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)
Flip Mode Squad Meets Def Squad
Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad
Fly on the Wall
Follow The Leader
For the nasty
For the Nasty
Freak show
Freaks Come Out At Night
Freestyle ONE SHOT
Freestyle Over Instrumental #5
Fried Chicken
Fright Night
Fuck That (Get Off My Block Interlude)
Fuck That Flo
Fuckin' Problems (Megamix)
Geek Down
Get By (remix)
Get Contact
Get Down
Get Down
Get Down (a cappella)
Get Down (instrumental)
Get Down (Like a Pimp) Remix
Get Down (LP version)
Get Down (radio)
Get High Tonight
Get It
Get Low (Remix)
Get Money
Get Off My Block
Get Out!!
Get Right
Get Right
Get the Money & Dip
Get Wild
Get You Some
Gettin Up (DJ Scratch remix)
Getting It
Gimme Some More
Gimme some more - amended version
Gimme the Light (Pass the Dro-Voisier remix)
Gimme the Light (Remix)
Girls All Around the World (Remix) 12"
Give Em What They Askin For
Give It to Me
Give It To Me (ft Mariah Carey)
Give it to Me Right (Remix)
Go n get it
Go N Get It Remix
Go Off
God Lives Through
God's Plan
Gotta Have That
Grinch 2000
Grind Real Slow
Grow Up
Gutter 2 the Fancy Ish
H.A.M Freestyle
Hail Mary
Hail Mary
Hail Mary Remix
HAM Remix
Harriet Thugman
Hear My Cry
Henny (Remix)
Here We Go
Here We Go Again
Hey Ladies
Hit 'em High
Hit 'Em High (The Monstars' Anthem)
Hit Em Wit Da Heat
Hits For Days
Hold That
Holla Holla (Remix)
Hot Fudge
Hot Nigga (Interlude)
Hot Nigga (Remix)
Hot sh** makin' ya bounce
Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce
Hottest in the Hood (Remix Part Two)
House Of Pain 2003
How Much We Grew
How We Do it Over Here
How We Do It Over Here (Album Version (Explicit))
How We Do It Over Here (instrumental)
How We Do It Over Here (LP version)
How We Roll
How We Roll (Fast Five Remix)
How We Survive
Hustle Hard (Remix)
Hustler's Anthem 09
Hustler's anthem 09 - dirty
Hustlin' (Street Mix)
I Ain't One Of Them Niggaz
I Am I Be
I Came
I Got Bass
I Got Your Back
I Knock You Out
I Know What You Want
I Know Yall Mad
I Love My B**** - Album Version (Edited)
I Love My Bitch
I Love My Chick (instrumental)
I Wanna Rock (Remix)
I'll Be Right There
I'll Do it All
I'll hurt u - remix
I'll Hurt You
I'm a Go and Get My...
I'm Good
I'm loco
I'm Sirius
I'm So Hood (Remix)
I'm Talking to You
I.C. Y'all
If You Don't Know Now You Know
If You Want Me
Ill Vibe
Ill Vibe (LP version clean)
Ill Vibe (LP version instrumental)
Ill Vibe (remix)
In The Ghetto
In The Ghetto (Remix)
In the Streets
Internal Affairs
Intro (Genesis)
Intro (It Ain't Safe No More)
Intro (Slaughter 2)
Intro - The Abstract & The Dragon Speak
Intro - there is only one year left
Intro Talk
Intro- The Abstract and the Dragon
Intro: Catastrophic 2
Intro: The Current State Of Anarchy
It Ain't Safe No More...
It Has Been Said
It's a Party
It's A Party (AllStar Remix)
It's A Party (feat. Zhane) - Edit
It's a Party (Jay Dee remix)
It's a Party (LP version - clean feat. Zhane)
It's a Party (Ummah Remix)
It's All Good
Iz They Wildin' Wit Us & Gettin' Rowdy Wit Us?
Iz They Wildin' Wit Us & Getting' Rowdy Wit Us
J Dilla (Skit)
Joints and Jams
Jumanji (Remix)
Just Another Day at the Range
Just Chill
Just For You
Just Give It To Me Raw
Just When You Thought it Was Safe
Kan't See Me
Keep Doin' It
Keep It Movin'
Keepin' It Tight
Kill Dem
Kill Dem (Remix)
Killin' 'Em
King Tut
Kissin' the Curb
Kobe or Ginobili (Remix)
Kryptonite (Remix)
La La
La La (feat. Tity Boy)
Laffy Taffy (Remix)
Last Night
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Lay 'Em To Rest
Legend of the Fall Offs
Let's Dance
Let's Go
Let's Make A Toast
Light Up A Fire
Light Your Ass on Fire
Light Your Ass on Fire (club mix)
Light Your Ass on Fire (radio mix)
Light Your Ass on Fire (super clean radio mix)
Like Father, Like Son
Like Father, Like Son 2
Like Ohh 12"
Lion's Roar
Little Drummer Boy
Little Drummer boy
Live it Up
Live to Regret
Live to regret - explicit soundtrack
Look At Me Now
Look Over Your Shoulder (Snippet/Unreleased)
Look Over Your Shoulders (Snippet)
Look Who
Love Thirst (Remix)
Love You
Lovely Day
Major Key [Tracklist + Album Art]
Make It Clap
Make It Clap (Remix)
Make it Hurt
Make It Look Easy
Make Noise
Match the Name With the Voice
Maybach Music II (Remix)
Milk (People Call Me)
Mind On My Money
Money Talks
More Dangerous
Motivation (Remix)
Mt. Airy Groove
MTV Cribs
Multiply (remix)
Multiply (remix)
Murdergram 2009
Music For Life
My Shot (Rise Up Remix)
My Type Of Party
My Whole Entire Unit Is Serious (mo)
NBA 2K15 Soundtrack
Never Get Over You
Never Leave (Remix)
Never Scared (The Takeover Remix)
New York S*** - Album Version (Edited w/o Shoutouts)
New York Shit
Next Level
Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge (Remix ft. Busta Rhymes)
Niggaz Wanna Act
Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Backwards Mix)
Nitty Gritty (Remix)
No Flex Zone (Remix)
No Love Remix
No War (Obama)
No Worries
Not a Criminal (Remix)
Oh My God
Oh My God (UK Flavour Radio Mix)
Ol Thang Back
Ol' Time Killin' (Remix)
On Smash
On the Rise
On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go
One Mic (DJ Rabz' Mix)
One Two Shit
Only Man She Want [Remix]
Otis Freestyle
Out the Trunk
Out the Trunk (Remix)
Outro (Preparation for the Final World Front)
Outro - The Final Time The Abstract & The Dragon Speak
Packin' Them Things
Pardon My Ways
Pardon My Ways ELE 2 Exclusive
Parental Discretion
Partition Remix
Party Is Goin' On Over Here
Pass That Dutch (Remix)
Pass the Courvoisier
Pass the Courvoisier Part II
Pay Ya Dues
PCD Tracklist
Peace Sign/Index Down
Play Dirty
Poetic Justice
Pop Champagne (Barack Campaign)
Potty Mouth
Powder On My Clothes
Prelude To The Truth
Pride N Joy
Promise (remix)
Proper Leaders (Skit)
Psychologically Overcast
Push It
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Desert Eagle Discs Remix)
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Human Action Network mix)
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See by Busta Rhymes
Rampage Outro
Rap is Still Outta Control
Rastaman Chant
Ready For War
Real Niggas
Rebel Music
Renaissance Rap (Remix)
Reppin da streetz
Respect My Conglomerate
Respect My Conglomerate (Promo Only clean edit)
Respect My Conglomerate (Remix)
Respect My Conglomerate (Remix)
Respect My Conglomerate 2
Rhymes Galore
Rhymes Galore (clean version)
Rhythm (Scratch Intro)
Rigamortus Remix
Rock Cocaine
Rock N Roll (Remix)
Rocket Ships
Roman's Revenge
Roman's Revenge (Busta Rhymes Remix)
Rotate (Remix)
Rough Around The Edges
Rumble In The Jungle
Run for Cover
Run the Show
Running Your Mouth
Salute Da Gods!!
Scenario (Demo 1)
Scenario (Demo 2)
Scenario (Remix)
Scenario (Young Nation Mix)
Self Made
Set It Off (Remix)
Settin' it Off
Shabba REMIX
Shaheem Reid Speaks (Skit)
Shake It
Shawty Go
She Will (Remix)
She Will/Mask Off (Megamix) 2
She's Fine
Shit Done Got Real
Shit Done Got Real (feat. Ace Hood & Yelawolf)
Shoot For the Moon
Shorty (Put It On The Floor)
Show Me What You Got
Shut 'Em Down 2002
Simon Says (Remix)
Sleep When I'm Gone
Slip Slide
So Blessed (Remix)
So Gone (Remix) (Bonus Track)
So gone remix
So Hardcore
So Mi Like It (Remix)
Sobb Story
Solid Wall of Sound
Somebody Knows
Sound Boy
Sound of the Zeekers @#^**?!
Starsky & Hutch
State of Grace (Remix)
Steppin' It Up
Stick Up Music
Still Shining
Stop The Party
Stop The Party (Remix)
Straight Spittin'
Street Shit
Struttin' Like a G.O.D.
Suicide Bounce
Suicide Bounce
Survival Hungry
Swagger Wagon
Sweet Caroline
Take it Off
Take it Off Part 2
Take It to the Hole
Taste It
Taste's State
Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense!
Tear Da Roof Off
Tha Points- DJ DJ U-Neek Remix
Thank You
That's How We Roll (Fast Five Remix)
The Abstract & The Dragon
The Abstract & the Dragon Speak Again (Skit)
The Assignment
The Biggest Illest and Greatest
The Body Rock
The Burial Song (Outro)
The Capt'n
The Comeback (Madlib)
The Coming (Intro)
The Conglomerate
The Donald
The End Of The World
The End Of The World (Outro)
The Finish Line
The Funk
The Heist
The International Zone Coaster
The Last Lyricist
The Monument
The Next Shit
The Oath
The Ocean
The One
The Onslaught
The Points
The Return of the Dragon: The Abstract Went On Vacation [Tracklist + Album Art]
The Struggle Will Be Lost
The Theme (The After Party Remix)
The Top 150 Fastest Rappers
The Ugliest
The Way We Roll (Remix)
The Whole World Lookin' At Me
The whole world lookin' at me [clean version]
The whole world looking at me
The Whoop
The Woman You Love
There's Not a Problem My Squad Can't Fix
There's Only One
There's Only One Year Left (Intro)
They're Out to Get Me
Things We Be Doin' For Money
Things We Be Doin' For Money (Part One)
Things We Be Doin' For Money (Part Two)
Things We Be Doin' For Money, Pt. 1
This Means War!!
This One
Thoia Thoing (Remix)
Throw It Up
Throw It Up
Throw Up Ya Gunz
Til We Die
Till It's Gone
Time out Lay out
To My People
Too Hot
Too Much on My Mind
Touch It
Touch It (Mega Remix)
Touch It (Official Remix)
Touch It (Remix 2.0)
Touch It (Remix Part 4) [Extended Video Remix]
Touch It (Remix Part One)
Touch It (Remix Part Three)
Touch It (Remix Part Two)
Touchdown (Remix)
Tough Guy
Tough Guy
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles
Truck Volume
Turn It Up
Turn It Up (remix) / Fire It Up (clean version)
Turn it Up (Remix)/Fire It Up
Turn It Up [Clean Version]
Turn Me Up Some
Turnt Up
Turnt up (feat. lil twist)
Twerk It
Twerk It (Megamix)
Twerk It (Remix)
Twerk it Remix Nicki Minaj
UFC Tap Out
Uh Oooh (Remix)
Uncut Cypher
Understanding the Inner Mind's Eye
Untitled 6
Us (Freestyle)
VBT 2009 - 16tel HR - Fid Rizz vs. GeOT
Vibin' (The New Flava)
Victory 2004 (Album Version)
Violent Music (Remix)
Vivrant Thing Remix
Wait (The Whisper Song) [Remix]
Walk Wit Me
Wall to Wall
Watch How You Move
We Are The World 25 For Haiti
We Comin' Through
We Could Take It Outside
We Dem Boyz (Remix)
We Goin' to Do it to Ya
We Got Cha Opin (Part 2)
We Got What You Want
We Home
We Made It
We Miss You
We Must Be Heard
We Put it Down for Y'all
We still stand ( sos for haiti )
We Taking Off
We The People (Grammys 2017 Medley Performance)
We Thuggin (Remix)
We Want In
Welcome to My Hood (Remix)
Whacha Want, Whacha Need
What Do You Do When You're Branded
What Is It
What It Is
What It Is Right Now Pt. 2
What It's All About
What More
What My Niggas Want
What The F*** You Want!!
What The Fuck You Want!!
What Up
What You Know About It
What You Wanna Do
What's Happenin'
What's It Gonna Be (David Anthony remix)
What's It Gonna Be?!
What's Next?
Wheel of Fortune
When Disaster Strikes
Where Do We Go From Here?
Where We Are About To Take It
Where You Think You Goin'
Where's My Money
Where's Your Money
Why Stop Now
Why Stop Now (Remix)
Why We Die
Wife in Law
Wife in law - alternate album version
Wild For Da Night
Wild Hot
Wine & Go Down
Womack's Lament
Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check
Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check (The Jay Dee Bounce remix) (instrumental)
Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check (The World Wide remix)
Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check (DJ Scratch Albany Projects remix)
Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check (Remix)
Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check (The Dee-Jay Other Shit remix)
World Go Round
Worldwide Choppers
Worldwide Choppers Big Remix (19 MC's)
Ya'll Don't Really Know
Yippy Yow
YMCMB Heroes
You Ain't F***in' Wit Me
You Ain't Fuckin' Wit Me
You Can't Hold the Torch
You Dont Want None
You Should Know
You Won't Tell, I Won't Tell
You Wonder
You're the One (Bad Boy Remix)
Your Loss
Zock On!