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Red Lyrics

In The Hour Of Chaos

Other Songs

Already Over
Already Over, Pt. 2
As You Go
As You Go (Recalibrated)
Best Is Yet to Come
Black Sea
Break Me Down
Breathe Into Me
Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)
Buried Beneath
Circles (Working Demo - Instrumental)
Confession (What's Inside My Head)
Damage (Recalibrated)
Darkest Part
Death of Me
Death of Me (Guillotine Remix)
Die for You
Falling Sky
Feed The Machine
Fight Inside
Fight to Forget
Gave It All Away
Glass House
Gravity Lies
Gri Şehrin 50 Tonu
Hide (Acoustic Version)
Hold Me Now
Hold Me Now (Recalibrated)
Hymn for the Missing
Hymn for the Missing (Guillotine Remix)
If I Break
If We Only
Intro (Canto III)
Let Go
Let It Burn
Lie To Me (Denial)
Lost (Acoustic Version)
Love Will Leave a Mark
Mystery of You
Never Be the Same
Not Alone
Nothing and Everything
Of These Chains
Ordinary World
Out from Under
Overtake You
Part That’s Holding On
Perfect Life
Random Cypher 3
Release the Panic
Release the Panic (Mozaix Remix)
Run and Escape
Run and Escape (Mozaix Remix)
Same Disease
Shadow and Soul
So Far Away
So Far Away (Recalibrated)
Start Again
Take It All Away
Take Me Over
The Ever
The Forest
The Moment We Come Alive
The Outside
Wasting Time
Watch You Crawl
What You Keep Alive
Who We Are
Yours Again
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