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Aaron Rose


Produced by: The Entreproducers

Torture motherfucker
Yeah nigga
You done fucked up now
Shouldn't have did that
Yo, Check

[Verse 1]
Aye yo I make work fun for a rap genius, the hip-hop einstein with mad reasons
And answers I'm selling sickness, cancer
See the rhymes and you cop the ill flow planter
Take tokes of the smoke, your mind's bout to blow
The room's gonna be spinnin' for some miles like a spoke
A killer but never a villian with bullets that I spoke
Gun smoke gun smoke, you're 'bout to comatose
I'm dropping hot shit like acid when I'm blasting
Thinking shit hot but you ?
So there ain't no half steppin' in the streets cousin
Don't act sweet you'll get bucked by the bees buzzin'
Your chick leaving you cause' she got me coming
If you fead her good you probably wouldn't be hungry
Such a fool, homie you're a miserable clown
And I'm the new, leader got you ringing around

[Hook] x4
Torture, feel it when the flame torch ya
Join the force or become an enemy when I floor ya

[Verse 2]
Got the low light coffins, caution
These niggas levitating off the Nick that I'm sparkin'
No talkin', give me the respect that I deserve for the skill
When shit get real you get crushed like a skittle
So pitiful I'm with my pitbulls, my pit full
Leave you in a doggy bag never gave a shit so
Yo bitch waggin' her tail, she want me to bone it
She don't mean she got my nine chromosonin'
Press the button as I warned, that's another bonus score
So yo bitch right but my bone is hard
Excuse my french, we ain’t friends
Ran a transit on yo girl then transferred to next
Off to another Pro can't fuck up the cypher
If he do we fightin' like I'm Mike Tyson with writin'
Know the pilot with the flys' can buy it, just provide it
Know you bite it but you can never get the synchro on timin'

[Hook] x4
Torture, feel it when the flame torch ya
Join the force or become an enemy when I floor ya

[Verse 3]
Pass the L cause I do it so well
Representin' Brooklyn, ain't no fairy tales
I'm tellin' ya I'm known to strike out even if there's like ten of ya
We that shit so ain't nobody really smellin' ya, no cellular
Gotta catch me like a villain, sellin' records I'm wreckin'
I reckoned you moved to this section, the buddah blessed
It get me on my tempo, cause my temples expose tempos ten fold
For yo metal, I'll blast you for yo mental
Wanna shine, but them niggas use for yo ghetto
I wasn't fed with a silver spoon either
So if you try to take mines you gon' feel the ether
I'm eager, more eagle wherever he go
My mind is in the skies I don't really like people
Look through the peephole, see the second sequel
My bars gon' sound like CP4

[Hook] x 4

Yeaaah niggas
I done told you already
Torture muthafucka'
P.E., 47, R.I.P. Steelo
Came back through, shine like a pro
Cause we gold
I dunno

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