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Adam Green Lyrics

Jessica (2003)

Diarrhea of a Madman (2001)

Other Songs

Animal Dreams
Anyone Else but You
Anyone Else But You
Apples, I'm Home
Apples, iim home
Baby's Gonna Die Tonight
Bathing Birds
Be My Man
Bed Of Prayer
Before My Bedtime
Bible Club
Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart (EP version)
Boss Inside
Breaking Locks
Broadcast Beach
Broken Joystick
Buddy Bradley
Can U See Me
Can You See Me
Cannot Get Sicker
Cast A Shadow
Castles and Tassels
Choke on a Cock
Chubby Princess
Cigarette Burns Forever
Computer Show
Computer Show (EP version)
Country Road
Crackhouse Blues
Dance With Me
Dance With Me (EP version)
Don't ask for more
Don't Ask For More
Don't Call Me Uncle
Donit call me uncle
Down on the Street
Downloading Porn With Davo
Drowning Head First
Eating Noddemix
Exp. 1
Festival Song
Friends of Mine
Frozen in Time
Getting Led
Give Them A Token
Grandma Shirley and Papa
Greyhound Bus
Hairy Women
Hard To Be a Girl
He's the Brat
Her Father and Her
Here I Am
Here I Am
Hey Dude
Hollywood Bowl
I Never Found Out
I Never Found Out
I Wanna Die
If You Want Me To
If You Want Me To
If You Want Me To
It's A Fine
Itis a fine
Jolly Good
Jorge Regula
Just to make me feel good
Just To Make Me Feel Good
Lazy Dog
Leaky Flask
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Losing on a Tuesday
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Lucky Number Nine
Morning After Midnight
Mozarella Swastikas
Mozzarella Swastikas
Musical Ladders
My Shadow Tags on Behind
Nat King Cole
Nighttime Stopped Bleeding
No Legs
Nothing Came Out
Oh Shucks
On Top
Over the Sunrise
Party Line
Pay the Toll
Pity Love
Rich Kids
Ron Asheton
Sailor Shirts
Salty Candy
Secret Tongues
Stadium Soul
Steak for Chicken
Steak For Chicken
Sticky Ricki
Sticky Ricki (Remix)
Teddy Boys
That Sounds Like a Pony
The Nighttime Stopped Bleeding
The Prince's Bed
These Burgers
Times Are Bad
Tropical Island
Twee Twee Dee
Washing Yourself
Watching Old Movies
We're Not Supposed to be Lovers
What a Waster
What Makes Him Act So Bad
What Went Wrong
What's the reward
What's the Reward
When a Pretty Face
White Women
Who's Your Boyfriend
You Blacken My Stay
You Get So Lucky
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