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A-Wax Lyrics

Ova East (2017)

Rx Lord (2017)

Nightmare From Elm Street Vol. 2 (2014)

Pullin' Strings (2014)

Everybody Loves Me Chapter 1

Jr. High 2 the Pen Volume 2

Northern Expozure 4

Ova East

Savage Timez

Unconditional Thug [Disc 2]

Who Got It?!

Other Songs

40 Dollars
65 G'z in a Jordan Briefcase (Intro)
Always Something
Been A Long Time
Been on Dat
Before You Go
Can't Fuck Wit Me
Dome Shots
Dope By The Gate
Entertainment For Thugz
Everlasting Money
Field of Dreamz
Heaven or Hell
I Miss You
I'll Be Fine
Inspector Deck
Mama's Couch
No Mistaking
Out The Streetz
Ravishing Rick Rude
Show The Cash
Smoke Alone
Somebody I Used To Know
Tha Board
Tha Chop
Tried As An Adult
Trust Issues
Whats Poppin
Yeah Yeah
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