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Bun B Lyrics

Return of the Trill (2018)

Captive of the Sun (feat. Bun B) (2017)

Margalla King (2016)

Regulate… G Funk Era Part II (2015)

Rubble Kings (Original Music Inspired by the Documentary) (2015)

Steak x Shrimp Volume 2 (2015)

#Workflo: Vol. 1 (2014)

BEYONCÉ (More Only) - EP (2014)

Adrift (2013)

Diary Of A Playboy 2 (2013)

Ceremony (2011)

The Final Chapter 2K11 (2011)

The Greatest Story Never Told (2011)


Like Me: The Young Goldie EP (2009)

You Better Wake Up Pt. 2 (2009)

Absolute Greatness (2008)

The Greatest Story Ever Told (2008)


Guest Appearances Part 3 (Compilation) (2007)

C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) (2006)

Minor Setback For The Major Comeback (2006)

The Champions (The North Meets The South) (2006)

Music From and Inspired By Shaft (2000)

Candy Paint N Texas Plates 2

Custom Cars & Cycles

DJ KaySlay & Greg Street the Champions (The North Meets the South)

If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come to the Table


James Kelley

Paper Planes (artist: M.I.A)

Real Recognize Real

Space Jams 2

Tha Merlo Jonez EP


The Day Ater Hell Broke Loose

Other Songs

16 Hoes
2 AM
2 Real
23 Hr. Lock Down
3 In the Mornin'
3 Kings
3 Kings
3 Kings (Texas remix)
5 On The Kush
63rd and Hayes
99 Problems
Across the Map
Agaknya sepanjang th 2017
Ain't That a Bitch (Ask Yourself)
All a Dream
All a Dream (feat. LeToya Luckett)
All Hustle, No Luck (Remix)
All Night Long (Miss Me Demo)
All Ready
All That
And the Winner Is...
Angel in the Sky
Another Soldier
Apologize (remix)
Ari Gold Remix
As the World Turns
B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast) Freestyle
Back Up
Bad Habits
Ball And Bun
Big Beast
Big Pimpin'
Bitch Get Down
Bitch Nigga
Bitches n That Coupe
Black Chukkas Remix
Black on Black
Bodies Hit the Floor
Break 'Em Off Somethin'
Break It Down
Break Yo Neck
Bun B Speaks
Busta Ass Niggas
Can't Stop the Reign
Candy Paint
Candy Paint & Gold Teeth
Captive of the Sun (feat. Bun B)
Cassette Deck
Certified (Remix)
Champion's Anthem
Chapter 14 - Sippin Codeine 1998
Check on It
Check The Sign
Choose Your Side
Choppin' Blades
Chrome Plated Woman
Chunk Up The Deuce
City Lights
City of the Swang
Clockin Lotsa Dollars
Coast to Coast Gangstas
Cocaine in the Back of the Ride
Cocaine Love
Commin' Down
Countin' Money
Countin' Money (Screwed & Chopped)
Country Shit (Remix)
Country Shit (Remix) Single Art
Crampin My Style
Crush City
Da Game Been Good to Me
Damn I'm Cold
Dat's What Dat Is
Deep Off
Diamonds & Wood
Dippin & Swervin'
Dirty Dirty (remix)
Dirty Money
Doe Doe
Don't Die
Don't Fake
Don't Fake - 1834774
Don't Hate My Grind
Don't play with me
Don't Say Shit
Don't Say Shit
Double Cup
Down in tha Dirty
Draped Up
Draped Up (Album Remix)
Draped Up (Album Version)
Draped Up (H-Town mix) (feat. The H-Town All-Starz)
Draped Up (instrumental)
Draped Up (Radio Version)
Draped Up (Remix)
Duece’s & Trae’s
Easy Money
End of the Road
Everybody Wanna Ball
Favorite DJ (Remix)
Feds in Town
Feel Me
Feelin' You
Final Warning
Fire (explicit)
Forgot About Me
Freaks Part 2 (Remix)
Front Back
Front Back (Nick Nyce Remix)
Front, Back & Side to Side
Fuck The Law
Funeral Season
Game Over (Remix)
Game Over 12"
Game's Pain (Remix)
Gangsta Party
Gangsta Party FAKE
Gangsta shit
Gangsta Shit
Gangsta Shit
Gas Station
Get Big (Remix)
Get Cha Issue
Get in My Car
Get Throwed
Get Throwed (Featuring Pimp C, Z-Ro, Young Jezzy & Jay-Z)
Ghetto Life
Ghetto Life
Girls With the Dirty Souths
Git In
Git In (feat. Big Capp and Young Money Moe)
Git It
Git It (feat. Ying Yang Twins)
Give Me That
Give Me That
Gladiator (feat. Truck Buck)
Gladiator Snip
Go Getta (Remix)
God Knows
Gold Grill
Gold Piece
Good II Me
Good Stuff
Good to Go
Got Me Dizzy
Gots to Go
Gotta Have That
Grand Finale
Grey Cassette
Grippin On The Wood
Grippin' the Grain (Remix)
Happy Days
Hard as Hell
Harry Asshole
Hey Ma!
Highway To Hell
Hit 'Em Up
Hold U Down
Hold Up
Hold Up
Hold Up
Hold You Down dupl
Holdin' Na
Hometown Hero
Hood Hop
Hood Love
How We Ride
How We Rock
Hustle Game
I Ain't Heard of That
I Am The Man
I Been On (Remix)
I Git Down 4 Mine
I Know Ya Mad
I Left it Wet for You
I Look Good (Pre$idential Remix) "Preview"
I Luv That
I Made It (Freestyle)
I Won't Let U Down (Texas Takeover Remix)
I'm a G
I'm a G
I'm Ballin (feat. Jazze Pha)
I'm Ballin'
I'm Ballin' (feat. Jazzy Pha)
I'm Com'n
I'm Fresh
I'm Fresh (feat. Mannie Fresh)
I'm From Texas
I'm From Texas FAKE
I'm On 2.0
I'm So Hood (Remix)
I'sa Playa (Time)
If I Die II Night
If it Was Meant to Be
If It Was Up II Me
If It Was Up to Me
If You Want
II Trill
II Trill Talk
Imma Get There
In Money We Trust
In Money We Trust
In My Cadillac
In Yo Cadillac (Remix)
Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Remix)
International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)
International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)
Intro: Trey Day
It's Alright
It's Been A Pleasure
It's Been a Pleasure (Album Version)
It's Been a Pleasure (feat. Drake)
It's Goin Up
It's Okay (One Blood) (Remix)
Itz Up
Just Chill
Just Like That
Just Like That (feat. Young Jeezy)
Just Like That (Screwed & Chopped)
Keep It 100
Keep on Hustlin'
Know What I'm Sayin
Know What I'm Talkin' Bout
Kush Is My Cologne
Kush Ups
Late Night Creepin'
Layed Out
Let 'Em Know
Let Me See It
Lights, Camera, Action
Like a Pimp
Like a V Neck
Like Me
Lil' Girl Gone
Listen (skit)
Listen (skit) (feat. Bluesman Ceddy St. Louis)
Lite 1 Witcha Boi
Little Friend
Live for Today
Living This Life
Lone Star
Look at Me
Love For Money
Love For Money
Love Me Now
Make It Fast
Meal Ticket
Mirror's Edge Remix
Miss Me
Mo Better Cool
Mo Milly
Money and Sex
Money, Hoes & Power
Money, Hoes & Power
More Milli
Motivation (Freestyle) + Showing Love (Interlude)
Movie Set
Murder Man Dance
Mutha Ain't Mine
My '64 (Remix)
My 64
My Block
My City
My jewel
My Music
My Tool
Never A Dull Moment
Never Used To Matter
Niggaz Like Us
Night Train (Remix)
No Angel
No Clothes On
No Competition
No Regrets
No Snitchin
Nobody Fucking With Us
Off Top
Oh Buddy
Oil Money
On One
On The Corner
One Day
One King
Over Here
Over Here
PA Nigga
Painting Pictures [Tracklist + Album Art]
Paper Planes (Diplo Street Remix)
Paperwork [Tracklist + Album Art]
Parked Outside
Pennies (The Updated Rosters Remix)
Picture Perfect
Pimp & The Bun
Pimp Life
Pimp Mode
Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion
Pinky Ring
Pinky Ringz
Platinum Stars
Platinum Starz
Playboy (Don't Hate Me)
Pocket Full of Stones
Pocket Full of Stones (Remix)
Pop it 4 Pimp
Pop the Trunk
Pourin' Up
Pregnant Pussy
Private Show
Protect & Serve
Purple Rain
Purple Ranger [$ippin Donatello with Captain Ginyu Y2K Remix]
Purple Swag (Remix)
Purse Come First
Push It (Remix)
Push It Rmx
Pushin' (feat. Scarface & Young Jeezy)
Pushin' (Remix)
Put It Down
Put It Down (feat. Drake)
Put It In The Wind
Racks (Remix)
Raiders of the Lost Art: Part 1
Raiders of the Lost Art: Part 2
RapFix Freestyle
Raw Shit
Re-Akshon (Remix)
Real Live
Real Live (feat. Gator Main and GLC)
Remember Me
Rep Yo City
Rep Yo City
Retaliation (feat. B.G & Juvenile)
Retaliation Is a Must
Retaliation Is a Must (feat. Mddl Fngz)
Ride My Car
Ride My Car (Nick Nyce Remix)
Ride Wit Me
Ride Wit Us
Ridin' Dirty
Ridin' Slow
Ridin' Slow (feat. Slim Thug & Play-N-Skillz)
Right Now
Ro & Bun
Ro and Bun
Roads Untraveled (Rad Omen Remix)
Rock 4 Rock
Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom (feat. Bun B)
Rock Like That
Rocket Man (Fly to This)
Rockin' All My Chains On
Role Model
Rolie Polie
Rotating Valets (DJ Breakem Off Mix)
Savage Habits
Say It (Remix)
Say it to My Face
Ser Humano
Sext Me
Shattered Dreams
She Luv It
She Say She Loves Me
Shine Blockas (Remix)
Shine On
Shine On Single Art
Sho' Nuff
Short Texas
Show It
Sippin' on Some Syrup
Sippin' on Some Syrup (Purple Punch Remix)
Slab on Blades
Slept on You
Smoked Out
Snakeskin Down
Snow Money
So Close, So Far
So Gangsta
So Tired
Some Hoes
Something Good (Extended Version)
Something Good (The Southern Way Version)
Southern Boy
Speakeasy (feat. Twista & Bluesman Ceddy St. Louis)
Steal Your Mind
Steppin On Toes
Stick 'Em Up
Still on the Grind
Still Ridin' Dirty
Stoned Junkee
Stop Playin
Strangers (Paranoid)
Street Lottery (SL1)
Suicide Doors
Summer Love
Swang (Remix)
Swang On 'Em
Swangin (Remix)
Swishas & Erb
Swishas and Dosha
Take it Off
Take No Shit
Take Your
Tear Da Club Up (H-Town Version)
Texas Ave. Interlude
Texas Cups, Cali Blunts
Texas Takeova
Tha Streets
That Candy Paint
That's a Song (skit)
That's a Song (skit) (feat. Bluesman Ceddy St. Louis)
That's Gangsta
That's Why I Carry
The Best Is Back
The Feature Heavy Song
The Game Belongs To Me
The Great Escape
The IllEST, the realEST & the trillEST
The Inauguration
The King
The Legendary DJ Screw
The Life
The Real Comin' Down
The Recipe
The Recipe
The Story
The Streets
They Don't Know
They Down With Us
They Want Some
Think We Got a Problem
Three Sixteens
Thug In The Club
Thug it Up
Top Notch Hoes
Top Tier
Tough Guy
Trap Muzik [Tracklist + Artwork + Credits]
Trap or Die
Trap Or Die
Trap Or Die (Mixtape Version)
Trapping in my Sleep
Trill Ass Nigga
Trill Niggaz Don't Die
Trill OG - Album Art
Trill Recognize Trill
Trill Talk
Trill [Tracklist + Album Art]
Trillionaire DUPLICATE
U of H Fight Song
Uh Huh (Remix)
Underground Kingz
Underground Thang
Untitled Flow (58 Bars)
Use Me Up
Use Me Up (The Southern Way Version)
Violent Music (Remix)
Wait A Minute
Watch Cost a Bentley
We Do
We Don't Give a Fuck
Wedding Shells
Welcome to My Hood (Remix)
What I Do
What I Represent
What I Represent (UGK)
What it Do
What Means the World to You (Remix)
What Up
What Up
What Yo Name Iz? (Remix)
What You Gonna Do
Where's Da G's
Where's The Love
White Gurl
Who Need a B
Who Need a B (feat. Too $hort and Juvenile)
Who Need A Bitch
Wipe Me Down (Remix)
Won't Let You Down (Texas Remix)
Wood Wheel
Work To Do (Obama For America) (Remix)
Xross Your Heart
Yo Trill Shit
You Heard of Us (Remix)
You Should Go Home
You're Everything
You'z a Trick (Remix)