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Don't Flop

"The Saurus vs 100 Bulletz (Round Three)"

[100 Bulletz]
I can't lie its hella hot in here and your right, I ain't in the best shape
Im sweating like The Saurus watching an R Kelly sex tape
You know how many dicks been your Xbox, 360
The only battler rapper selling 25,000 units is 360
Oh you Madchild I flipped your name so much this rascal gon' leave dizzee
My rounds are like the Kardashian sisters, the 3rd ain't gon' be pretty
You had a fake battle with Mac Lethal, hop off Pete's dick
Whats your freestyles got in common with Hercules, they're Greek Myths
Your girl said I want you to want me she a cheap trick
Players line up and jump in her box like a free kick
You play poker, heres a heads up, the hand you dealt, not enough
That chin check raise him watch your boy fold, get off the nuts
In Don't Flop your body turn in the river thats some awful luck
Pocket nines and im betting you Phil Ivey trynna call my bluff
I got, three, four, fives to ace niggas thats one way to get it straight
Wait, 3, 4, 5, 2, Ace, niggas thats one way to get a straight
These punches gon lean you, I got your perscription, im writing bars behind bars like Hollow in prison
In Don't Flop I got a tradition and this version even better yet
Real talk if you dont know what time it is, you Peter Cech
When i Wright-Phillips with praise you get Distin Bale
You not a boss, only Juan Mata, Martin Tyler in the pitch when I call the shots
I bury Defoe, Denilson your Kompany when im halling off
Serbian left back when i take more then a Kolarov
While your doing Giggs for Green, your girl bang the whole Carew
Palace ugly she turn around, Bent took the Johnson, it got Fowler buddy
Jefferson Price hit it Didier, Yaya Toure muscle pounding chubby
She can't get off the dick she Jack Rodwell your Gallas slutty
For the last time I Owen apology, this the English Premier League that we speaking 'bout
I Dunne Torres head off Given these Cole rounds he freaking out
Dempsey that Cahill Bolton run back to Peter house
Better duck, or get capped 42 times in England, someone tell Peter Crouch

[The Saurus]
Im glad that everybody here gave you some fucking respect
Cos that whole round is something no one in your own country will get
I had everyone in the crowd vote on a survey and you know what told us your gay
Associative word play
Faggot all you do is make a list then say some shit because it rhymes
Your not 100 Bulletz, your the same bullet a 100 times
Its like breaking news 100 Bulletz might be strapped
So ima get this broad casted on life he'd step
When I press realase nine shots when I squeeze back
An bullet tenfore me, he'll get that head line recapped
Its hundred bars like that in every performance dealt
By the end of the first four, everyones bored as hell
Im ready for war Bulletz better get him some sort of help
Cos when I dump lead, he'll just be a shell of his former self
I wore a belt for a decade strong
You one of those 15 minutes of net fame and next day gone
Good riddance get this faggot out of here
Your reverse punchline bullshit sent battles back a thousand years
Taking 'bout, now Bulletz can punch in reverse
No you can't
See when someone I know does something I know is trash I have to take a vocal stance
Example, am I dope, how, understand you and Dose over lines potent damn
If you think that even remotely acceptable, kill yourself I dont want you folks as fans
Why dont we just reverse it back, four years before you even learnt to rap
So you can put it on the back burner instead of taking 'bout your burner clap
Or fuck it go further then that one then, reverse it back again
Like The Terminator to prevent your birth from happening
Homie, all I need is a coat hanger and chloroform, hell yeah your day end, Horrocore
Your parents should of press abort before your born
Because one thing that makes me hate the battle scene more and more
I seeing the world through the eyes of Bulletz like lord of war

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