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Don't Flop

"The Saurus vs 100 Bulletz (Round Two)"

[100 Bulletz]
Ey yo Peter Morris, for starters, I didn't Riachu any bad bars
But i got a Ghastly scheme for your, your Horsea my Charmander
Pants come off, thrown across the freaking room
I Squirtle over her Jigglypuffs but that ain't something he would do
He'd rather Pokémon 'till the Bulbasaur, sack is what Picachu
Complex wordplay make your head spin
Innuendo thats the team, we riding High Times
My crew got Mass Appeal in the battle scheme
You dont like my Vibe, you must me Rolling Stone huffing gasoline
Now you XXL issue, when I give The Saurus magazines
Bar for bar its getting tragic Pete, you dont wanna scuffle either
Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad if Russle Peter
These hands is what you call weapons ima' end this clown
Saw 7, the beatle have fans crying "let it be" when Bulletz takes your life like John Lennon
The fat lady singing and the song ending
Radio for a medic this ain't Peter day think im joking
Watch him bust a gut when I show Peter Kays
This the first time he hear a lot of talking when he plead the fifth
You a ho, period, this pussy gon' be leaking quick
We in the UK, I kill him when? How soon is now?
The heater spit, he'll panic in the streets of london when Morrissey The Smiths
I heard The Saurus got a little kid, well if he having more then one
I show up to the hospital, wait 'till the morning come
If its a girl, put the mac down my beef with The Saurus done
You having a boy, its the return of the mack when I Mark Morrison
You had a hundred battles but ain't no pucher really hit him yet
Its ironic, you oughta know when I land this Morrissette
Bulletz demanding more respect, or the mac bringing Peter sorrow
When i take the M11 North and drive by Peterborough
And Uno banged your ex, shot between her eyes like an elite sniper
She known to spit in rap circles but ain't ever seen a cypher
You feel in love with a groupie slut, even felt the need to wife her
She heard him spit a few tongue twisters, then let Peter Piper
Her names Amy Jade, lives in Melbourne
Left you cos your gross and fat and was 16 the first time you hit it
All I know is that

[The Saurus]
Speaking of having more kids, I heard your girls pregnant to
Cos i put a seed in her stomach but you know that bitch is shady cos she dont wanna keep it 100
Now every face line that you says quite wack
Homie, I'd rather have Daylyt's tat than a face like that
And dropping local references, for you, that isnt a rarity
But he always starts off great and finishes terribly
Now i play poker and I rap I turned that to my cash roll
So to get ready for a battle I gamble my ass off
But I learnt some shit last trip, I have to give Bamalam mad props
Cos he showed me how to fold Bulletz after a bad flop
Now many say im the biggest heavy weight of all time
You spend everyday studying MMA online
Thats the perfect skills set for how bad this guy gets massacred
Cos ima leave him half alive so he can analyse it afterwards
Oh you haven't heard?
Making death threats against me will get you convinced im the next Ted Kaczynski
I never miss a fight just dead him with the right now his head is reminiscenct of a demoltion site
Even if i let him win tonight, he's still falling flat
100 Bulletz is a comic how much carnage can we spawn from that
Lets start from scratch, leave Mister Gone, every bars the Maxx
X men then show him a real image he can Marvel act

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