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Rap Genius

"So You Think You Can Tate : Rules/Regulations"

How it works
• At the beginning of each week I'll make a forum post
• Each week you'll be facing off against one other competitor
• The user at the end of the week with the most points wins
• The user at the end of the season with the best record wins the GRAND PRIZE
• All related threads

• Competition will last 4 weeks
• 16 competitors
• 2 weeks of inactivity gets you dropped
• Each week starts and ends SUNDAY NIGHT at 11:59 EST
• Annotations/transcriptions on your own work doesn't count
• Rejections/Upvotes/Downvotes don’t affect your score
• Questions?

• 5 points per annotation
• 5 points per accepted annotation

• Grand prize given to winner (best W/L ratio)

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