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Rap Genius

"Because the internet Script Giveaway: bec a use the in t e rnet"

Tires SCREECH outside. Dude 2 stands up. There's a small crash outside


Voice: FREEZE!


The Boy and Dude 2 look at each other

The Boy runs out of the house

Dude 2 is shot by the cops


Fam: Nigga, are you good?

The Boy: Yeah. I’m straight man

Fam: Get you a good nights rest


The Boy wakes up with no shirt and flower shorts with the dark orange sunlight from the blinds cut his face

The Boy is amazed

The Boy feels as if this has already happened?..

The Boy gets up and walks past the Buddha statue again

This is very strange..


He goes gets a pop tart and goes sit under his umbrella in his backyard

The Boy gets a text from

Fam: When u wanna paddle out? [PURPLE DEVIL FACE EMOJI]

The Boy: What the fuck!!

The Boy immediately goes to Worldstar and receives the voice mail from Steve

Steve: Yo, bro check out that video I just sent you man. This shit's hilarious man. It's like this kid. He got like hit on the side of the head. He's like freaking out! Haha..

The Boy: This can’t be happening. [NO MOUTH EMOJI]

The Boy is realizing this is happening everyday and he’s realizing that time is priceless. In this moment he goes to decode life’s meaning and understand why everything happens without Clapping For The Wrong Reasons. This is all bec a use the in t e rnet… so The Boy replays this dark, lonely life that he lives everyday. This is in general society today. With the Internet, your legacy might live forever but we can’t live forever. We can’t stay on the bus forever...


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