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Bullets hit Dude 2 and The boy. Dude 2 dies. The boy tries to limp off, only to fall unconscious bleeding. A woman sees and moves him

Enter Camp (15 years ago)
The boy gets off the bus, a group of Girls are laughing. The boy’s depressed

Girl 1
Can't believe he said destiny

Girl 2
That’s so embarrassing

The Girl looks at the boy
(in uncertain voice) Yeah

Enter boy's mansion (12 hours later)
A knock on window. The boy's eyes open and his head shifts left and he sees a girl there. The boy sprints to window and opens it up. It's the girl. The woman who hangs around his house

The boy
Is this real?

The girl
Yes. I have to say something

The boy

The girl
I'm sorry, about telling them what you said on the--..

The boy
It's OK. I've spent my entire life wondering what my purpose is since I got off that bus. Nothing has been the same since camp. It makes me wonder, if anything real. If I'm still on that bus

The girl
Well I can tell you one thing. It's time to get back on the bus. follow me

The boy follows the girl outside, where he sees the camp bus. Outside the bus all of his friends. The boy follows the girl into the bus, they follow him in. He follows her down to their row and they sit. The back of the seat in front of him has roscoe's wetsuit engraved on it

The boy
Where we goin’?

The girl
Back to camp, to the beginning of the loop

[[Play "Life: The biggest Troll”]]

The bus approaches camp, Screen fades

The boy's voice
I Guess what I'm saying, did anything after Camp matter?

The girl's voice
That's your decision


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