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Rap Genius

"The final roll"

The boy opens his eyes
He is back in his room the mess is still there as he left it
There is someone sitting at his computer inspecting the hackz flashdrive curiously
The boy: So I was wrong?
The person turns around to him, it's Rick Astley in his Never Gonna Give you up outfit and shades
Rick Astley: about what?
The boy: about god, heaven, the afterlife?
Rick Astley: No
And yes. This isn't real
The Boy: how?
Rick: this is exactly what you wanted
The Boy: how do you know?
Rick: because you made this. You're the reason I'm here. When we die we don't just rot in the ground as popularly believed by you and your peers. Our minds, spirits, and souls create exactly what we want our so called afterlives to be. You coded this
The Boy: So when people have near death experiences and say they see heaven. It's just their mind creating what they want?
Rick: precisely
He moves towards the door and rests his hand on the knob
The Boy: So you're not God?
Rick: haha fuck no. I'm just the Rick Roll guy
He opens the door and exits the boy moves over to the laptop and starts surfing the web

The boy opens his eyes
He is in the hospital
Naomi stands over him crying
He breathes

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