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Rap Genius

"Mar Rage"

Tires SCREECH outside. Dude 2 stands up. There's a small crash outside




The Boy and Dude 2 look at each other

Dude 2 slowly disappears into the floor which then turns into a reddish liquid... of what? It seems like a mix of blood and water 99.9% water, so it turns pink. The Boy is stunned and unable to move unaware the feeling of movement is no longer in him. Dude 1 has gone. The breath in his lungs disperses to nothing, he feels the pain he should have felt when he realised life was JUST a cycle – the pain hits his chest, heart and insignificantly his thoughts

He becomes paralysed left with a vivid vision of falling like he is in a deep sleep – but he doesn't catch himself when the fall is over. No one catches him

THE BOY: Where are you?
THE BOY: I don’t know

Little does The Boy know, he isn’t dead nor asleep but all feeling is still nonexistent, numb. The Boy isn't awake, The Boy isn't on earth, nor is he in limbo

He’s in his own mind, lost

Naomi, Sasha, Fam, AJ, Swank and Marcus appear
The Boy sees these people; but they’re all emotionless, lifeless. Behind them sits a woman, a woman he’s seen before, he knows her – she has long silky dark almost black hair, olive fresh indulging skin, brown/hazel eyes which are also red. He walks closer.... And closer........Closer...........Close enough to inha......


The Boy now more of a man awakens in his room. He’s in the mansion but things are different – he doesn’t feel lonely. The company; he knows, every single one of them. He feels this feeling that he doesn’t know how to explain because he’s never felt it before – he feels almost, full

He leaves his room heading for the kitchen taking a run up, then stopping... and feeling himself slide into the kitchen. The sun is blazing through all the windows in the house, he admires the view noticing a woman, the same woman (you know, that woman? Yeah, her!) she waves at Fam and clocks eyes with The Boy – the connection was powerful, the whole house felt the spark (the friends The Boy said he didn’t have). The Boy felt the spark too. The Boy felt a lot. The Boy felt everything he said he wouldn’t, shouldn’t and couldn’t

He wasn’t alone

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