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Rap Genius

"How to Edit Metadata on Genius"

What Is Metadata?

Song Facts

Title And Artists

  • Artist
  • Writers
  • Featured Artists
  • Producer(s)
  • Additional Credits

Audio, Video, & Images

  • SoundCloud URL
  • YouTube URL
  • Feature Video?
  • Song Art URL
  • Header Background URL

Albums, Date, Location & Tags

  • Album(s)
  • Release Date
  • Recording Location
  • Primary Tag
  • Tags

Song Relationships

  • Samples/Sampled In
  • Interpolates/Interpolated By
  • Cover Of/Cover By
  • Remix Of/Remixed By
  • Live Version Of/Performed Live As

Album Page Metadata

  • Album Artwork
  • Release Year
  • Track Numbers
  • Additional Roles

Artist Page Metadata

  • Alternate Names
  • Avatar
  • Cover Art
  • Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Name
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