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Rap Genius

"Genius FAQ"

Hey y'all!

Here's a list of questions for our FAQ, feel free to chime in and answer any questions as you'll get some upvotes but most importantly, you'll be sharing some of the in-depth knowledge about the site that only a veteran user can have. So highlight a question and do your best to answer it.


• How do I add an album?
• How do I add album art to an album?
• How do I add an album release date?
• How do I add an album if it has been confirmed but without a name/title?
• How do I add/edit/clear track numbers for an album?
• How do I add/order track numbers for a multi-disc album?
• How do I edit an album title?
• How do I add/edit the header/background image for an album?
• How do I create a various artist/compilation album?
• How do I create shells on a various artist/ compilation album?
• How do I move an album when they've been attributed to a wrong artist?
• How do I remove a song from an album?
• What dimensions are the album cover photos?
• Why can’t I add album facts?
• How should I name an album if it's an EP?


• How do I annotate two separate lyrics with the same annotation (edit referents)?
• How do I annotate/Start the Genius Annotation for a song?
• How do I clear my unreviewed annotations?
• How do I find lines to annotate?
• How do I report an annotation?
• How to link web pages that have disambiguations?
• Should I link to Wikipedia?
• When will my annotation/edit get accepted?
• Why can’t I edit this annotation?
• Why can’t I annotate this song?


• Can I add my own lyrics to Genius?
• How do I become a Verified Artist?
• How do I change my artist name?
• How do I get my lyrics on Spotify?
• How do I add an artist page?
• What do I do if an artist name is already taken?
• Who can add an Avatar, Cover Art and Social Media to Artist Pages?


• Where can I learn about new and upcoming changes?
• How can I become an editor/mediator/moderator?


• How do I delete a song?
• How do I delete an album?
• How do I delete an artist?
• How do I delete my Genius account?


• How do I get IQ?
• What is the purpose of IQ?


• How do I report abuse in the forums?
• How do I format my forum posts with stuff like headings?
• How do I reach the most recent posts in a discussion without scrolling all the way down?
• How does the penalty box work?
• Why can’t I post in the forums?

Notifications, messages, and feeds

• What do the notifications do?
• What does the Pyong button do?
• Why is Genius telling me to “chill out" or "slow down”?
• How do I stop getting emails?

Profile customization

• How do I (un)link my Facebook/Twitter/Google accounts to my Genius account?
• How do I share Genius pages/annotations on social media?
• How do I add a profile picture?
• How do I pin annotations to my profile?
• How do I customize the leaderboard on my profile?
• How do I get more followers?
• What if I forgot my password?
• Why can’t I change my username?
• How do I view my Genius "history"?


• How can I change/edit a question I made on a song's Q&A?
• How can I change/edit my answer on a song's Q&A?
• When should a question be archived?

Song pages

• How can I add a song's (single's) art?
• How can I edit/move songs to the right artist, when they are wrongly attributed?
• How can I find the 'Edit Lyrics' and 'Edit Song Facts' buttons on songs when using a mobile browser?
• How can I get a black background on song pages?
• How can I get titles to start with a lowercase?
• What do I do if the system auto corrects a title when I add a song?
• What does it mean if there’s an asterisk in the song title?
• Who do I put in as the Artist for a Musical?
• Why can’t I edit lyrics?
• Why can’t I add song facts?
• Why can't I feature a video?
• Why do page views sometimes seem off?

Can you think of any questions that should be on this list but aren't? Add them! Also, if you've got any questions after reading this guide, then leave a suggestion on the annotation(s) or post in the Help Forum for assistance. Cheers!

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