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Rap Genius

"Genius Rap Battle - Keeper of the Faith vs Trakk One Rounder"

[Keeper of the Faith]
This a one rounder, after this you'll need more chemo than Hodgkins
I'll go off top and feed you your brain like Anthony Hopkins
And when you're done I'll grind through your stiff neck
And leave this cannibal corpsed
Cause when this hammer smashed old boy's face
It look like I took a Hannibal course
Yeah, I'm back on that horror shit
My bars sound like when the devil spits
Brought an iron to your maiden
And it's filled with heavy metal clips
Goddamn, I'm so sick with it
Since '81 I've brought you killers man
But you bruise quick and put your dick in sons
That's gay, lord you been stiller damn
I'm on some Clips vs T-Rex shit
You running your mouth so this battle I'ma bury you
Execute you then let your bitch taste my monster balls
I'ma Halle Berry you
But don't think you a bad boy, I'll do you dirty money
When you enter scope I'll shoot your shit
Six feet under, worms crawl through the holes the
Bullets entered, God you know I'm super sick
Drive nails through your hands and feet
Spread out and head down like a pentagram
You weren't fit for this kind of violence
I know you hated death like an anagram
Mkay, I just love the gore, oh my heart's
Sub zero I'm so cold with it
I know this MK shit's done to death
But I'll show you I'm still bold with it
I'll rip you in half for calling me a noob
You're nothing but a clone to me
See this MK stands for Mamma Knullare
I'll bring that Swedish bitch back home to me
Din inavlade kuksugare, you didn't think
I could take this to your grounds yet?
I can keep it short, slow it down and diss you
For your heritage like you're Dumbfoundead
See, it's ironic your name's Trakk but what you clearly lack is pace
When I send shit your way I'll know exactly
When it hits you like track & trace
Loe Pesci, you don't have the balls to knock
The daylight out me when I disrespect
You got a new girl? I'll let the Cal end her
That's how your date gets checked
Tatted sleeves, when you turn round
I'll let the pictures match like memory
After that last line of defense this
Rookie'll get the sack like Gregory
I call you a cowboy, since you a joker
Who's on that brokeback mountain shit
But I'm more like Bane when I break your back
Snap you in two then watch the blood spray like a fountain, shit
So when I pull down the mask you know damn well
It ain't a Michael Myers movie
Pick the gun up that Jim carried and give you
The truth like the Liar Liar movie
I'm the big voice, who's talking to these
Small people like I'm Horton
You my bro Trakk, but for trying to be me
I'll watch you die like Edward Norton

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