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Rap Genius

"Genius Rap Battle - Keeper of the Faith vs Trakk"

[Prequel: Keeper of the Faith]
I think I might give it a try maybe...
Got some bars as a start:

I’m gifted, you could get it online like Amazon
I tower high, make rappers get speech impediment
Like Babylon
School’s out when I ring yo bell with this missile
The bitch’ll hit yo chest heavy like O'fficial
These bars will fuck you up front to back, that’s a DP
I’ll be going crazy over a tie; that’s Pee Wee

You think I could hang?

[Round 1: Trakk]
Keeper of the Faith?! You’re beefing with the great
You don’t wanna meet me in a battle, I believe it’s a mistake
You acting like a leader…
Well, y'all gone see sir Caesar get replaced
I'ma chop Keeper cuz I’m a shopkeeper
What I have in store will put a leader in its place!
All your lines are far from ill, who gave you those?
I boost myself by thinking like a boss, yet I hate to boast
And that wordplay about O'fficial? Just made me hate you bro
You referencing female battlers
Cuz they're the ones you can relate to most!
See when it come to this battle shit…
It’s not hard to tell who’s gay and who’s straight
You had some shit about dismissals…
Well, you’re not in my class
Why you acting like we’re school mates?
Keeper of the —what?! You ain’t no rap legend, this dude fake!
So tell his mother, it’s no biggie when she lose Faith!
Now R.I.P. Notorious…
I really wish God would’ve kept that dude alive
When I saw you challenging me, I was like “Jesus!
You gone get crucified."
This some shit you wasn’t trained for
You knew that you would die
The cause of death: being too close to Trakk…
You made it seem like it was suicide!
I done written more punches than you can imagine, boy
I’ll make you ashes right after I blast these toys
If he Achilles, then I'ma poke him on his heel
Keep rapping about Amazon
Till someone find you floating in the Amazon for real!
Now that’s a sight to see…
I’m one of the pirates of Umbar, hell
When you see that dot, calm that shit down, but this ain’t URL
To think you could rap like me?
You should be sentenced for life, and receive a too hard bail
But not even in prison would any of this dude’s bars sell
You asked me if your raps was alright… please stop
I mean, I definitely think you could hang…
But that’s only from a tree top!
You seem like some informer
You probably make the police watch
You’ll feel my hand on your ear for thinking you can eavesdrop

[Round 1: Keeper of the Faith]
Pop a pill, boy…
For what I'ma bout to pen is ill and take yo' life away
Hang from a tree? That’s a swing
But you ain’t got the right to play
Calling me Caesar, you ain’t Brutus
So put that fucking knife away
Or there’ll be no recovery, I’m catching 25 to life today
Shout out to Eminem… I'ma show you what martial arts do
Not that it matters, chances' is slim you’ll catch my bars, dude
You end up short like Con when my sole hits; that’s the bar jew
I’m not one for bursting bubbles
But how you think that you a star you?
Talking about Pokemon…
You’ll catch ‘em all and I send nothing weak at you
You ain’t got the balls to stare back when my guns peek at you
See I’m evolved with this shit, you don’t know nothing bout this G
Yo dude, when I get psyched, duck
Or I’ll send bullets through your tee
Big gun it go RA-TA-TA when this tool spray
See you too slow bro, that’s why I'ma do you in the worst way
You seen my girl? Well I'ma cite her
She got misty eyes when she read this shit
She went all Danny Myers and said; “Yikes!
There’s still 2 more rounds of this shit!”

But slow it down!
We only half way trough the first round, Trakk
That’s Nascar, ever since your girl climbed on my lap
She ain’t found back
Trust me, if she ain’t sweet then
She’s getting one from the stock, holmes
But she got the gust of this king dick
And now she’s giving my block dome
I’m gifted, you could get it online like Amazon
I tower high, make rappers get speech impediment like Babylon
But bible school’s out when I ring yo' bell with this missile
Load it up, the bitch’ll hit yo' chest heavy like O'fficial
For talking that jazz, this an awkward body like a gnome’s wife
This pussy’ll get popped in the ring; that’s NOME 5
Those bars just fucked you up front to back; that’s a DP
So I’ll be going crazy over a tie; that’s Pee Wee!
You from Sweden, right?
When you’re rapping I always get a sad frown
IKEA; when you put your shit together it’s always a letdown
No you IKEA, cause you only look good when you in the box
Stockholm gets shutdown when I spin city; that’s Michael J. Fox
That’s round 1, and it’s a clear fucking bodybag
I cooked up some more, so get it now or in a doggy bag

[Round 2: Trakk]
Man why you bring that many bars for me…
If this was KOTD, they wouldn’t even let you rap this long
But I wasn’t surprised, you see I learned from your prequel verse that you like to just babble on
I mean ab-sol-utely… you tower high?
Next to you I’m literally like a high tower
I’m about to give this schoolboy a cue about my power
And I’m no longer talking about Pokémon
Or some video game shit — that’s lame shit!
Even my light nameflips could make the whole game switch
And it might be a tragedy if it’s your boo that you came with
But if y'all end up dead, I'm sure you and your baby will both fit in my truck, on some Lil Wayne shit!
Speaking of baby… you asked me “you seen my girl?”
Of course I’ve seen her!
But in contradiction to your name, I say she’s far from a keeper
I was chillin wit her though… Gave her some Whisky cuz I ain’t wanna make your dame whine
Saw you was coming home, so I picked up my main 9
Stopped touching ya boo, now busting at you, my aim fine
It’s funny how I made both y'all bitches wet at the same time!
But I can’t leave no witnesses
I’d rather have bodies all over the floor like Twister
We had fun while it lasted, but if I aim at her I won’t miss her
You really thought I missed her? Well you were wrong, mister
She let me eat from the same plates you ate off
But she probably had AIDS, dawg
So I used a condom to prevent her from burning me like Hitler!
You crossed the boundary
And I thought about giving a toast to the dead, understand?
That was the point of no return, I saw the death of you, man
You have a gun? I have a gun. And I be letting it blam
Shit I be feeling immortal with the TEC in my hand!
So you a winner or a loser? Choose your kind
You said you’d go crazy over a tie… nahh. But I bet you this L will make you lose your mind!
Battle rapping about IKEA? You need to chill a bit
It seem like you bit Chilla
You know, right at the beginning of his 2nd versus Daylyt?
He did that shit iller!
But me? I ain’t biting from no one. And I don’t spit filler
I’ll come knock knock at your door with a MAC
Like I’m that kid Miller!
But now I’ll rap about furniture…
You see the tables are turned, you get killed here
So for beefing, this tool will put you in a wheelchair
I’m going ham, ock... a casket will be your bed, dawg
Of course I’m sleeping on yo' shit
All them lyrics got my head bored!

[Round 2: Keeper of the Faith]
Saying I bit Chilla, you must have nothing hot to start with
This a workout cuz...
For this match y'should choose sets to squad with
When I pump the iron
It just means I’m giving the boss ten from the stock
These bars hold more weight than you could benchpress, so lay down or get your abs rocked
Word to Immortal Technique
But that scheme I’d done a different way
You wanna dance with the devil?
Better save that for a different day
Cause when I lift these rebel arms, you better flee
Go catch your breath
Before you get caught in a hustle
Or that big mouth will be the cause of death!
Now these bars aren’t revolutionary
But better than that shit you had
I’m diabolical, you wanna play the martyr
You’ll get crossed for the shit you said
Duck down, this rocket leave this fuck clown trapped between bases like a rundown
Stockholm gets shut down
Think Rihanna and Jay-Z, cause now I fucking run town
And when I say you can’t be touched
Don’t fucking think that you’re Chuck now
It’s cause you a fruit that went down with his ship like how Archibald Butt drowned!
And your girl?
She’s been in the basement since I snatched the bitch
But she loving me
Telling me she don’t ever wanna leave or snitch
She smiled, got wild eyes
When I showed her the D and the income
No small-timer, got your bitch suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
When I bust at your skull I’ll leave a permanent dent
Uri Geller, fuck up and get your armament bent
Talking whiskey? Fuck around and get your gentlemen jacked
Give Jim the beam I got bucks to spare
Cuz I got them benjamins stacked
Beat your girl’s eyes black, dog then I let Johnny walk her
On these famous grounds
I’m sending shameless rounds, I let the barrel stalk her
You rapping about Hitler, what you a skinhead?
Better watch it when I call son
You’ll get stabbed to death with hockey skates
Like I’m avenging Peter Karlsson
And AIDS? I’ll saw you in half for calling me magic
But you never played ball son
Ooh fuck, I'll leave this Swede hollow in the hood like St. Paul son

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