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Rap Genius

"#HipHopTrivia (P. 1)"

1. Everyone knows Yay area legend E-40. But he had quite a talented family. What was the name of his sister's debut album?

2. Brand Nubian is one of rap's best-loved groups. But Grand Puba was in another group before BN. What was its name?

3. Future is huge right now, but he has a family connection to ATL's rap past. What is it?

4. Name the rapper (a cousin of De La Soul's Maseo) who had a giant Dante Ross-produced hit for Tommy Boy in 1989 and then promptly disappeared from the scene.

5. What song contains 2Pac's first recorded rhyme?


Name the two music journalists who penned Kurtis Blow's 1979 hit "Christmas Rappin'"

We just got @moneymikeholman, host of Graffiti Rock, verified. Which pop star plays Holman in a 2008 music video?

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