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"I Will"

You can't be the greatest, bitch, that’s my middle name !
& you can't be competitive cuz you don’t even play this game
You'd rather give away some brains & i'd rather hit the trains-
Landmarks with the blades. I'm stellar, I'm amazing
Kush, stress, fuck it, what we blazing?
I don’t really give a fuck today cuz lately
I'm pretty broke, & i ain't laughing at the jokes
That i usually would. misunderstood
Everybody thinks i'm mean, i'm a bitch, i'm conceited, got me Twisted
Call me out my name cuz I'm twisted
Had too much to drink & I'm pist as i vomit in the sink
Lock the door, I'm in tears. drinking more every year
Keeping up with my peers & I'm pressured to succeed
All my homies like my raps & I'm exactly what we need
To believe that’s there's more to our lives than the streets
My soul is in the beats & my lines are made of keys
Coke, jokes, wannabes, i breathes the palm trees
Sweaty summers, smelly breath, spray it till there's nothing left
Got tips? stock tips. sexielove rocked tips
& you can pass the mic to me, homie, i got this!

They keep telling me i'm never gonna make it but i know that i will
& when i make it, i'll come back for you, i promise i still…

Remember the days when we’d ditch just to paint in the river
Barefoot in the grime. aerosol is leaking out my liver
My brain is made of bubbles & my veins are glossy purple
& my visions so diluted, shrooming out, spinning circles
I'm a miracle. 5th element material girl- living this bacterial world
Soy milk in my cereal. you're imperial to me
Bitch, i'll pass you a venereal disease if you make a mess of me
Bronchitis, stds, i.v. pumping haiku’s, i got the recipe, the masterpiece
& you chose her over me because disasters tease
I fast on keys. i haven't eaten in 2 days
Put it on blast- its these pills & this white girl, she keeps harassing me

They keep telling me I'm never gonna make it, but i know that i will
& when i make it, ill come back for you, i promise i still…

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