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Palm Tree Dreams (2017)

Adrénaline (2016)


Woolgathering (2013)

Castle in the Air (2009)

Other Songs

0300 Hours
1 is the Lonliest Number
1 syllable
6 Underground
94 Degrees Fahrenheit
Always Down
Angels In The City
Blunt After Blunt
Bottled Up
Certified Fuck Up
Childhood Memories
Critique Like Me
Dear Reverie,
Done me dirty
Dream World (You Aren't Real)
Droogs On Drugs
Fucked Up (Scarred For Life)
Give It Time
Give Me the Night
How We Do It
I Will
If You Need Me
It Is What It Is
Just Wanna Love You
Let Me Leave
Los Angeles Times
Los New Yorkangeles
Manic Depression
Me & You Is a Struggle
Need Me, Pt. II
Need Me, Pt. III
Never Been Born
Never Loved You Back
Nothing Left
Nothing to Say
On The Road
Palm Trees
Push Forward
Remember You said Forever
Russian Roulette
Since You Left
Sitting Upside Down
Spread the Pollen
The cypher Effect- Self-Provoked, Qualy, Chino (Oriente), Geninho Beatbox, REVERIE,
The First Time
The Same Thing
The Transition
Tragic Kingdom
Trains Go Fast
West Side
Young Grasshopper
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