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"Phone #"

[Hook: Bobby V]
What's yo phone number?
Take my phone, put it in, then your song, mama
Can I catch you at your crib?
What's your home number?
I got the best phone sex in the world
So if you're ready, girl
Put it in for me, put it in for me
Put it in for me, put it in for me, oh yeah

[Verse 1: Bobby V]
I'm off in the club, like shawty what's up?
What you sippin' on? Let me put it in your cup
Got your hair pulled izz-up, swag turned izz-up
You the baddest thing that I seen in the clizz-ub

[Pre Hook]
So what's up? I'm feelin' you, girl
So what's up? I got my ringer turned up
Get up, get up, I'm lookin' for my number one caller
So baby, won't you holler?


[Verse 2]
Quit playin' little mama, I got you where I want ya
Touch me, tease me, ooh, take it easy
Turn on your iPhone and Skype me, baby
You a little freak, just mind me, baby

[Pre Hook]


Girl, you know I'm texting you
You're makin' my heart beat fast
I'm feelin' you
Have to push a button when I see you, girl
I love the way you turn me on
Baby come and try it, you know you can't deny it
Girl, you're so exciting

[Verse 3: Plies]
Girl, I'm tryna get you fat, babe, I wanna feed you steaks
And put you up in a high rise with a lot of space
You gotta stay with me, baby, I buy your own place
You pick the colors, and I'll interior decorate
I wanna lay on the couch with you, feed ya grapes
And get you one of my goons so you can feel safe
Surprise you at work and send you a red velvet cake
And let your boss know tomorrow you'll be in late
Cause later on tonight, I'ma freak you over at the fireplace
And let you put the fire on 'til you're sweatin' in my face
I'm rich, baby, so I just want a soul mate
I'm good over here, I wanna make sure you shake


What's yo phone number?
What's yo phone number?
What's yo phone number?
Wha-what's yo phone number?

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