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"1 Foot In 1 Foot Out"


Roll that shit up
Bang bang
Glizzy Gang Gang Gang

[Verse 1: Shy Glizzy]

Glizzy Gang we the underdogs
All for one, one for all
Errybody know we fucking ball
Choppers sound like thunderbolts
Shot myself with a Colt
Now I don't play with shit but Glocks
But I gotta couple Rugers that'll make your ass go in the vault
Teacher told me boy you ain't gon' get no job
So I dropped out and started selling hard
Then I started a mob, and we started to rob
If we can shoot up a block then let's shoot for the stars
My life is so violent
My niggas keep on wilding
This gun ain't got no license
You better keep on driving
I ball like Ray Allen
I shoot like Ray Allen
Granny told me streets gon' kill you boy stay out it
I can't believe I'm living
That's such a great feeling
They gave my partner Juvie life judge say she hate children
This shit is authentic
I want bout eight children
I keep slam dunking in bitches just like Blake Griffin
I do not give a fuck
I do this shit for us
They just snatched my cousin up he hit an armored truck
I don't know who trust
Niggas'll set you up
And shit so fucked up a 1000 bucks will wet you up
These niggas straight actors
The streets is not backing
Ain't know none of these niggas before I started rapping
They say you almost there
They want me to stop trapping
If the plug front me some bricks then I might stop rapping

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