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[Spoken Intro]

[Verse 1]
Out in California recording (what the fuck, man a text message look)
Kevin it started, iPhone on FaceTime this is important
Home birth, this a first Dricka having my daughter
Watching on a iPhone, thought that it was a boy
Thinking I gotta get home, catch a flight to New Orleans
Gotta pick up my car, I gotta drive to Atlanta
In that order (for real)
Me and Percylago on the highway (what up nigga)
On that water, only stopping for gas
Back my Porsche in the garage, up the stairway I'm charging
And she ain't open her eyes until she heard me talkin'

I can’t explain the feeling thug, shit was crazy, she was born November 30th, you know a nigga thought she wasn’t gonna be here till Christmas

[Verse 2]
Already missed a birth of one, maxi plate when he do
Back in Baton Rouge, for a video shoot, fee and Didra blowing up my phone, prolly all day long, I got to much going on (I'm right down the street)
Everything going wrong, in the back of my mind like what the fuck do they want, from me
I'm only one man and it's hard to operate when it ain't no sleep
It's hard to operate when it ain't no sleep
Women's hospital, where she was admitted
Supposed to be there for twelve baby due in a minute, experience complication, baby no longer kicking
Perform a c-section, doctors gotta go in and get it
But that's alright I held her tight, while under operating lights, umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, he came out and was fine
Surgeon wiped him off and passed him, I grabbed him, he had me worried out my mind, praying on my line
Satellites video finished right back to the grind, it's a movie
My life a movie, it's a movie
I don't like to do no acting but I know my life could be a fucking movie

[Kevin gates talking]
And he was born like December the 18th, I think, he be mad at me if I'm wrong
But I'm thinking, I'm pretty sure it was December the 18th
Big long ass nigga too, that motherfucker bout that long
You looking like you can really see what I'm talkin' bout

Lil Eazy you don't understand bruh the lil bitch was bout this long thug

I was visiting my nigga through videos, when I hold him my arms short, fingers show em how long he was
Lil bitch dick long and everything you retawdid (I seen that, just like his daddy)
I love you too nigga, you need to hurry and bring ya pussy ass home, you know wassup, come outchea

My life a movie, my life a movie, my life a movie

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