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"I Remember"

(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
So this is for you little bad ass niggas (I remember...)
Out there fucking up and shit, (I remember what my momma told me)
I just want you to know one thing, I don't give a fuck what you going through
How low it get, nigga (I remember what my momma told me) how fucking low it get, nigga
If one person is gonna ride till the end, nigga

That's your momma
Coz she had your stinking ass nigga
(she said, she said)

(she said)
Son, fuck these hating ass niggas, do you
Got enough for one, tell the nigga front two
Better bust your guns if a nigga front you
And every time you eat make sure you feed your whole crew

Son, you was born broke, baby, die rich
Keep your mouth close I ain't raise no snitch
If she rolling good blunts you better wife that bitch
These niggas playing with my baby and I don't like that shit

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