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"Take Off, Pt. 2 (30 Days)"

Ay, don't you get it fucked up, nigga
This ain't the first one, nigga
This that "Take Off", part two, motherfucker
A street anthem, nigga
Y'all niggas better see about this young nigga, dog
The streets told me y'all can't fuck with me, dog
I'm not no lyrical nigga, dog
I done tell you what's going with me, nigga

I'm still here, nigga, seven indictments later
I don't owe a nigga shit, nigga ain't never gave me a favor
Done ran through my share of hoes and see my [?]
My brothers told me from prison it was gonna get [?] later
That 745, nigga, I bought it for you haters
So many dead homies, can't count them on my fingers
So many of my niggas in Feds, it'll take too long to name them

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