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"My Dog"

Ay, dog
Every nigga you see me with, homie
The nigga with me for a reason, my nigga
I got homeboys, dog
Niggas that I fuck with, dog
And if I fuck with you, homie, and a nigga see us together
One thing that I ought to tell you 'bout the niggas you see me with, dog
The nigga's certified, nigga
And the nigga's 'bout this gangsta shit out here, dog
I fuck with niggas who I know about that gangsta shit
I don't fuck with niggas who... I'ma wait and see if they 'bout this gangsta shit
I don't even rock it like that, dog
It's solo
Or I'm with niggas, dog, that I know
Stupid, silly-ass niggas, niggas I know will get off, dog
Them just the niggas that I fuck with, homie
So when you see me and I'm mobbing through your city, cuz
The niggas you see me with, dog?
These young niggas silly, dog
And that's why I fuck with a silly wild, ignorant-ass nigga
Y'all crackers call them ignorant, dog
I call them my homeboys, nigga

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