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"Plugged In"

I know Pablo, I know Pablo (7x)
I'm plugged in (3x)

I can get you anything you need cause I'm plugged in
Send them Haitians at you cause I'm plugged in
He can't get my prices cause I'm plugged in
I can make it happen cause I'm plugged in
I'm plugged in

[Verse 1]
I know the man
You just know the man next to the man
He showed me love
He asks you (how much?)
Double hell
My face good
My word long
I can make it happen one phone call
Yeah what's up?
Send em through
I can have em here before this verse through
Real shit
Think it's a game
He know many ladies by they first name
Real talk
Real shit
I can get you anything you want bitch

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 2]
Shooters know me
Just say the word
That word that shooters told me
I know them too
They know me well
Pull up on ya (what they call it?)
Well respect
Well connect
One thing I ain't
Imma play the game going deep pockets
For a 8 ball they'll pull rockets
I can get you this I can get you that
Hellfire tell them they'll take your sack
Always stood on the front line
Just brought a uzi that don't make a sound

[Hook] (2x)

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