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"Big Faces"

[Intro: Plies]
You know I just got pulled over right?
Police asked me to step out the car, so I stepped out on his fuck ass
He asked me, "Sir is there anything in your pocket that I need to know about?"
I told him "Yup, Big Faces"

[Verse 1: Plies]
Just dropped $7500 on my inside
Another 4 grand nigga for the suicides
Ain't buyin' the bitches if they ain't low profile
Told my lawyer go and motion for a speedy trial
Right now I'm [?] nigga bitch out
I ain't never bought a watch nigga for 50 thousand
Last one I bought was 100 thousand
How many hoes i dun' fucked?, i dun' lost count

[Hook: Plies]
Big Faces, Big Faces, thats all I spend Big Faces
Big Faces, Big Faces, want me to count it up for ya'? Big Faces
Big Faces, Big Faces, nigga my whole team got em' Big Faces
Big Faces, Big Faces, thats all I spend Big Faces

[Verse 2: Plies]
At any given time 100 grand on me
At the same time got the Smith & Wesson on me
For the big rims to fit I cut the frame on it
Said it's mine so I told her tat my name on it
Need a ghost? rent mine for your video
All my diamonds they glass see straight through
Hundred bottles I ain't got that many friends fool
My lil' broad I just went and bought a shih tzu
Only time she don't see me is when the rent due
I'm in the projects posted up eating soul food
Just dropped hot sauce on my retroes
Where the weedman who got it in a chokehold?
I'm in the room counting money so the door closed
Ain't nothing changed I still smoke [?]
Crushed ice help keep the kool-aid cold


[Verse 3: Xtra]
Got the blunt fired up cuzz the jigga got me chewin'
Got it on tuck you could tell how my shirt movin'
Niggas in they feelings you can tell when they losin'
EastSide where I'm at and hell naw' I ain't movin'
Count it by the 100 trying to fuck her while she running
Fucking it for free every monday through sunday
Kepp countin' bitch thats more than a few hundreds
Keep countin', keep countin', bitch keep countin'
Niggas follow my lead and get re-routed
Every nigga that be with me he be bout it
Get ya eyes stuck cold trying to see bout it
Pinky wrist on ice big boy pockets
Got a nigga who just itching to get a body
And he told me just point em' out anybody
You pussies don't want problems you just wanna hate me
Big blunt, Big cup counting big faces


Big Faces [15x]

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