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I'm the mothafucking nigga in your city, nigga, in and out
Tell that ho to leave me lone, nigga only fuck with dimes
Got these niggas threatening hoes, make them take my post down
Since you being petty, pussy nigga, I'ma fuck her now
Tell when niggas money getting funny, let their bitches go
Long story short, stay in your lane, you can't afford hoes
I'm in the club smoking dope, I'm in the back, I'm all bezel'd up
Text the ho and tol' her, "I'm on my way", I'm finna wet her up
Too many niggas biting now, had to switch up on the jeweler
Pussy bought the same watch, had to switch up on Muller
Riding in that seven deuce, big brother was in the Buick
Your ass in trouble, ain't it? Swear to God he'll give me shooters
Riding to that hot water, a mothafucking hot boy
Lil nigga in a big body, bitch this look like Shaq's car
Tear drops in your face and you ain't killed, now what the tax for?
Blew a M in one day, that's what you call a sack, boy
Might do me a free show, send the money straight to Meech
No ain't never met the nigga, I just like to keep it G
Y'all niggas be balling, ain't it? [?]
Balling like a mothafucka but you ain't signed to dog shit
That's a mothafucking nigga for ya
I'ma keep fucking these bitches, taking pictures for ya
First day you come home, I'm buying a chicken for ya
Ain't talking Popeye's, I'm talking 36 on ya
The only nigga made 20 M
And I ain't never did a summer jam
No disrespect to New York City, bitch
But I blew without a summer jam
Never seen a nigga try to slam me and slam his damn self
With a 100 grand in my pocket, nigga, I beat your lil ass outta here
Choppa game serious, nigga, hands on Mayweather level
Big brother always told me you can't show love to these pussy niggas
If you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever try me
Swear to God I'll stack a Bible, pussy better kill me
By the time security got to me, he was already asleep
I done got back on stage, nigga, started doing me
Heard they sneak dissing now, I got the Gram on fleek
Google your net worth, pussy nigga, tell me what you see
I bet a M to your 10 stacks, it ain't more to me
You ain't really eating, nigga, you need a grand more than me
Y'all pussy got me out here, boy
I'm riding home when I'm out here, boy
Two things in this world that I ain't seen
And that's a UFO, nigga, and a bitch that I need
These niggas want me to take a L so bad but
How I look at it, shit, it can't even help
Nigga ask me the other day "damn, why they so mad?"
I told him "I don't know, dawg, hope they tryna get fed"
I'm celebrating, popping bottles, ho
If you ain't tryna fuck, don't want you in my section, ho
Say she think that she pregnant bih
(What you told her?)
I told her ain't no pregnant bitch
Ain't no Hollywood ass nigga, I'ma project ass nigga
About 10 years ago I was a 100 gram nigga
I got that base steady flipping
Like Toucan Sam, nigga
I heard niggas talking shit, I'm eating a [?], nigga
Real recognize real
And y'all niggas don't look familiar
She say her pussy always good, bitch
Like a Sweet Pussy Satday, nigga
It should've [?], I'ma fool gone dawg
I buy all brand new, I leave my old shit in the mall
She say she ain't fucking none, I told her "bitch, don't even call"
Bitch, I paint my own self, bitch, I'm my own boss
If the pussy good, talk to me
If you a pussy, you can't walk with me
Got some money, nigga, shop with me
My day one's on top with me
It's one in the morning
My old bitch calling
She tell me what I'm doing
I text her back, bitch, balling!
In front the club with the top off
I'm just tryna get my rocks off
Few lucky if you want it, nigga
And get your pussy ass knocked out
I'm just walking around this mothafucka looking like a ki
Y'all hating ass niggas looking like an oz
I done played the offence, nigga, y'all played the D
Get the guns re done, I'm throwing blue hundreds in the sea

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