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"Just A Sample (Interlude)"

[Produced by Ben Billions]

1 am in the morning
I only need bass in my headphones no nothing
Just give me the sample, there we go
On top of my bitches too, I love you all baby
Oh we just batter up

Ah, it’s just me and the sample, I wrote this in pajamas
I wrote this while I’m fucking, think her name is janet
People sleepin on me, fuck you and your standards
Oral head for breakfast, my little bitch perfected
Get that with no protection, I shoot, she intercept it
See sex is our connection, no love is currently present
Just play my corner back, I leave her coming back
Like deion in the game, I’m bringing my cornerback
Browardcounty nigga, I’m worth them 7 figures
So kick o key to pistol and be true to your sister
She says she love the crew, put 4 gz on the coupe
Hurricane sandy, the rollie flooded too
See it’s just me and the sample, no 808 involved

But still I hop on the beat and I murder that bitch
I’m beasting out
Flow is hell on earth, R.I.P to y’all
You know I murder shit, yellow tape involved
That's a true story
Crib 2 stories, know some old homies
Still drinking 40’s, hustle every morning
On that same corner, money the root of evil
Turns them to informants, damn

Life is such a bitch, all my hoes are thick
All my whips are owned, haters suck a dick
Shout out to the sample, shout out to them dancers
Shout out to them exes and this nigga handsome
I be hela styling, foreigns with no mileage
Samples so refreshin, pistol in my possesion
Take your bitch and keep her, I call that repossesion
I’ma pour more ciroc, be back in a second!

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