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"My Big Chance"

TARIQ: Yo, I-I’ll take two, yo

CRAZY LOU: Ah, fine choice. Powerful yet lightweight. And it hides well in your anal or crotch area. That’s right, including your butt pockets

TRU: Yeah, yeah, that’ll work! Yo, put it on my tab

CRAZY LOU: ‘Kay! Gotcha. Well, fellas, enjoy, and please come again. Don’t tell nobody in the projects

[*door closes*]

[*sirens and crowd noise*]

TRU: Okay, next stop: East New York. We gon’ make you official

TARIQ: Official?

TRU: Yeah! Mr. Large!

[*horror movie synth stabs*]

TARIQ (NARRATION): Now, Mr. Large was the biggest dealer on the east coast. Multi-, multi-billionaire. Nobody fucked with him, not even the FBI. I heard even the President was on his payroll. Kept a tight-knit crew, dealing from drugs to prostitution, loan sharking, gambling, nuclear weapons, rap management… You name it, they did it. And now it was my big chance to be a part of the squad

[*door knock*]

TARIQ: Yo, you think it’s cool for me to be up here with you?

TRU: Yo, chill, these guys love me. We like family. Plus, you with me! It’s all good!

BREAKNECK: Yo, Tru! Come on in. I seen you on the camera, yo. What’s— What’s up? Who ya man, though?

TRU: Yo, this my boy, Tariq. Came to see Mr. Large, make him official. Yo, he’s good peeps. We like brothers

BREAKNECK: Aight, yo, just let me pat him down. You know the stee

[*patdown noises*]

TRU: Ayo, yo, yo, Tariq, this my man, Breakneck

TARIQ: Yeah, what’s up?

BREAKNECK: Yo, before you meet the boss, let me introduce you to the fellas. Yo, fellas!

CREW MEMBER #1: Yo, son, what up?

BREAKNECK: Yo, this is Tariq, Tru’s brother. He’s becoming official today

VARIOUS CREW MEMBERS: What up? Hey! What up fam? No doubt, no doubt

BREAKNECK: Yo, Tariq, this is our Street Crime division. They keep law and order in the streets. Yo, better yet, I’ma let them introduce themselves

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