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"Pass The Jinn"

Cockni O'Dire

Aight aight aight woah woah yo
Thissa war yuh hear now nar what i'm saying?
This a O, O and in the middle of the O is a T
And in that T is a serial shit there (lay the fuck down) haha
Rock on
Real bumbaclot
Ragga bloodclot muffin in this bass sound
So-ah so ah
Dip dip dive so so-a liver
Carry ya ice creams, son run ya money and ya liver
Front never, blood brother or ya space terror
A river incase you get it straight
Before me have em shook, who seh I never fuck wit'
Cockni don't rev who i never judge quick
This lyric straight up outta auto with nastiness
You best confess without trying press some business
Ya mother or ya ass
Wrote ya broke come vote pop joke
While i pop chunk i pull back the lever and FIRE

Watch out, bust the style I be kickin'
I play the gig role and bite your head off like a chicken
I'm the lord of the rings like Bilbo Baggins
Return of my dragon, pants be saggin'

Science be droppin', thoughts be buildin'
My instinct's primal, tappin' your spinal
I'll smack Mike and Janet for the whole freakin' planet
Don't take me for granted, cause my eyes be slanted

From the phat back of blade, I must consume
Cause my soul's on the verge of impending doom
So make room, for the crew with kegs of brew
Doin' what we do, so what's the matter with you?

Now the west can be wild
And the south can keep it hot
The north will be the spot for the criminals and whatnot
But the east coast sets the most irate styles
The east coast sunning all bitch profiles
Yo relax that shit, i murder abstract myth
My mathematics be the fifth, power refines gifts
All been born to the divine stylists
My killa rhyme klik tastes mics with ruckus n riffs
I keep the swine clicks as they defy with the bodies i lift

Cockni O'Dire
Who better not (??)
You have to tek it back
We keepin puffin' an puffin claat
Clickclik, ya hear that? that's ya raas on the spot
BOOYACKA, BLATA-KA fucker run faster than that
Kill man kill, no deeper than box
Don't get me ignorant, I cautious dreadlocks
If yuh no live like one blood, you are gon' dead in one box

I bow my head to the east five times a day
I put my face in the dirt every time I pray
To disrupt the jinn in me, cause the sin in me's
Tryin' to take over and make my soul crossover
I'm steady rollin' with my head fucked up
Cause my system pumps loud, everybody's on my nuts
And everybody wants to know who lives the phattest
The black 850 representin' my status
Plus, I got the baddest, house on the hill (shit!)
My bank account's full, but my soul's empty still

Divine Styler
Who want get burst from earth to hearst to dust?
My motley crew will move them more straight now fix on plush
Honeys blush WHAT, my mechanism ray-beam
Steam Novocaine, supreme Novocaine
Numb niggas get the shivers when i snap the vein
I sniff styles over mirror and blows my membrane, uh
(??) the case i glaze and i froze on
A b-boy stance, i'm getting my rose on
Blitz unsurpassable and getting my doze on
Hallucinating bitches and they ripping my clothes off

Cockni O'Dire
So, no never in my crowd will hear a loud boo-ah
Prouder than bitches that run like a whoo-ah
Straight from the womb, not from the sewer
No disrespect, money ya come correct
In a bitty, he'll probably make a mother out a sistah
Hear that i cursed and dissed her
Baby be calm
Baby don't cry
Hope the kid had a mommy so they stay fly

I said take me from your House of Pain
See my style's maintained, cause my membrane's sane
So put down your juice, pass your jinn
Push up on a skin, I begin to win
There ain't, no need to worry about where I've been

If I pass my jinn I begin to win
I say, put down your juice, pass the jinn
Push up on a skin I begin to win
There ain't, no need to worry 'bout where I've been
If I pass my jinn I begin to win

Divine Styler
Style expansion, ill drills from my mansion
Destroy ass emcees, thats glancing and sizing
My mental thru my pencil
Be making biting exciting
Test my novacaine writings and sketch my auras
They be wet like the ocean
They get cut off my crows
Frontin invading my motion
Suckers blowing me like hoes
Because they on my balls
But i kick the livest saliva
When i got the mic control
Divine style, the hold up
Shit like its a stick up
Nobody gettin up from my lickin up
Niggas is kickin up
You wind up vic'd up
From slipping my mission
Is all in ya ass you young motherfuckers respect my past
So who on next, uh, come represent this session
Tryna manifest my true circumference weapon..

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