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"I'm From Brooklyn"

(Verse 1: Ill Bill)
Brooklyn be billions and billions, I be Brooklyn Bill
It was Brooklyn where my uncle got hooked on krillz
A billion warped thoughts travel through the grime in his mind
A billion wars fought between crime designed in the devine
A billion seconds ago, it was nineteen fifty-nine
A billion minutes ago, Jesus Christ was alive
A billion hours ago, we were living in the stone ages
A billion dollars, the definition what cocaine is
This be a Brooklyn thing where Kings stampede
We got hundreds of greedy geniuses that get that cream
Acopolco Gold grab dutches at the bodega
Stuntin' in stashed Air Maxes, those are my most favourite
We met fanphibian, fucked up, I need lithium
Sabotage my life with northern lights and pifium
I been the illest William since Billy D
Sold Colt 45 of TV, it's really me, Billy Brooklyn

(Chorus X 3)
This is Brooklyn
I'm from BBr-br-br-br-br-Brooklyn

(Verse 2: Brooklyn Academy)
Yeah, you love the way I'm a burrough sound chopped up
Fuck around, that's exactly how you found, chopped up
In ? Canal with a sock in your mouth inside a hefty bag
Looking like Oscar the Grouch
No future, It's Apocalypse Now
You get blasted off, rocketship stlye
Brooklyn bad, the beautiful, the bomb
Its musical charm and I ain't talking Louie Vatton
I'm talking Tim boots, baseball caps, and facemasks
Polo patches, skully caps, and nap sacks
Fat sacks of weed, half black and Japanese
Drug pushers turning cats to catastrophe
It ain't the movies, you ain't gonna believe
Outsiders try to enter but they ain't gonna leave


(Verse 3: Brooklyn Academy)
I learned how to survive on the crossroads of a street and an avenue
Where kids brawl over stick ball and use a bat for beating you black and blue
Little bastards that would laugh at you if you were sweeter than passion fruit
Until your heart hardens on the streets with the Brooklyn attitude
And we would rumble like the Jets and the Sharks
But on Friday the spics and white chicks had sex in the park
And we didn't give a fuck from which section you are
But if you gonna step to somebody, you step with some heart
When we travel from Longbow to Marcey, from Partsworth to Canarsie
The strong and thorough made a name like John Turtturo
Our block was born so you'd lock your doors of fear of knocks
The birthplace of 2Pac Shakur
This is Brooklyn, the shots ? like poker face
Carve your skin like a Jack-o-lantern and crack jokes like Adam Sandler
Commit a crime with an open case, robbing armoured cars
With the warrant squad chasing you in the dark through Plasswood park


(Verse 4: Brooklyn Academy)
The Dodger's first home where I bought my first phone
I had my first ? , where I broke my first bone
Flipped my first nick, where I got my first girlfriend to suck her first dick
Where I ate Section 8, where I took my first shit
Where I had my first fight, where I joined my first gang
Where I first broke night, hold tight, it's where I dropped my first shroom
Where I took my first bump, where I heard my first tune thump
Out Jamel's first Maxima trunk, after that, matter fact
Actual fact, it's where I first landed a track in the lab with the AK
The land that I rep go like ?
I fight for it like a Palestenian with a stone
B-R double O-K Corral where the illest MC could come spit a loser's morale
The most popular burrough where everyone wants to stay
My home, our zone, all hail BK


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