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Silent Planet



Tell me of the time that you looked down to the brook to see
My time-forsaken brother as he sank past reality
Space stood between us
There was no looking back
I chased, I tried, my God denied
His body usurped by our accuser

The ink has spilled across the page
Shaping surviving sun to shade
And that bird's been circling round my door
Crying out for "nevermore"

Illuminate your child into the depths of the sea
Where darkness thought to rule the deep
May you forever reign supreme
Lasciate Ogne Speranza Voi Ch'intrate

Nothing turns to nothing
Being torn from essence
Theodicy like gravity pulled us apart
Recompense for existence
Past the point of paranoia to the precipice of fear
Shudders the bones of every unrequited squire sleeping here
We looked upon such suffering
And knew in one moment that we were no longer

Capsize the ship
Tie a noose to its captain
I defy you, stars
Your fate is a coward

We cast a line into grey waters
And reeled back dry heaps of ash

What have we done?
We dwell without the sun
"The dreams of reason have produced monsters
The dreams of reason have produced monsters"

I saw the dark wood
The moon sinking in the moor
Oh sleeper, sink down to spindles
As Acheron carries you away from our hands

To wake into numbness
To open our eyes
Consuming decay
Fertilize our demise!
You come like a thief in the night
So Lord won't you cut me? (Lord won't won't you cut me?)
They locked you away
They put you to sleep
But I'm not ready, there's no surcease
She'll speak in your dreams
Keep the word on your lips
Your ear to the ground
Awake in his sleep
Cracked bells clanging out false calls for freedom

And when I slept in that garden
Lord did you see me as I was dreaming?
This is no grave for the salt of the earth
This is no flame for the light of this world

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