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"WRD (We Are Dope)"



I just killed anotha beat
Bout a minute ago
Rest In Peace


Issiaga on the beat


Do what i love to do so i do what i can
Ill be who i am cuz thats what i can
In high off the purp im high of the zan
Everywhere i go they come up on me like

Hey wassap?
Say wassap!

Cream fo havin fun !
Thats wassup ( sap )
Livin a dream !
Thats wassup ( sap )
Houses on em hills !
Thats wassap ( sap )
Postive energy
| thats wassap
Give a fuck about my enemies
| thats wassup
Live in peace n love thats wassap
Just did a hunna mill yeaa thats wassap
So next time u come up on me like - rap wassap ?! ( rap wassap )
Guess ya self ...why dont ya ask ...
Ya fuckin self...befo u stress ...


Let me rip the mic
Prove we fuckin tight
Stand up on that scale
We heavy and you light
Gettin all this cream
Sippin on the spirte
Pull up in a thing
Own designed inside
Catch us in the lab
Smoking on an ounce
Yep we do our thang
Kill the beat then bounce
No lights on
But everything is shinin
No lights on
But everything is bright

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