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"Sounds Like Success"



Why u here i can't explain
Kno u real but pls retain
Finna here n u need 2 drain?
Bitchin, whut i can't sustaine

Live with you ears closed

I go haard in the Paint, Stuntin with a Cane
Got a Bitch with Me bumpin loud
Long live the Kaaane,long live a Laaame
Witout We Woudnt B Kings


Freshest raptor ever
The freshest raptor ever


Here are you fuckboys again,Come at me just once again
N ill let u kno!!who the fuk is dr.pain
Raised in the hood,pain n gain, ain't no dwayne
Can't Keep It Calm,Killin shit is in the veine
These industry rappers say everythang
Ain't no meaningful they just entertain
Basicly ?
They ain't say shit
Hip hop is my Bitch, ain't none
But my dickis whu she contains
Satisfyin the Bay, ain't nowhere but at the top
Of my aims

Start Trippin n i start to pop dis Shiiit
Like a fukin cheetah
I know people need to hear
Imma killa,imma leada
But im reala,im a dealea,not a killa
But handsome nuff to get a record deal
So Mr fukin gotalotamoney n a record 'LABEL'
Sign me to yo fukin 'LABEL'
U ain't?
In 5 years u know
The globe's warming-polars change
Ppl die dey-take the chain
But in this case ill take the fame
Fuck takin lives but i got sum killaz with me from ukraine
No gang signs no Bandanas jus black suits n matchin rings
Bricks in the baaag
We b
Sniffin Cocaine from a Pane
Feel the ACID in the Brain
Popp a Pill but ain't got Pain
Can't swich life so swich a Lane
Momma cryin but i ain't ashamed....
4 whut i ve beCame
Drop her teaaar
On the weeeeeed
Devils trianglee
Dis depressed plaaaane


Freshest raptor ever
The freshest raptor ever


Cotton mouth i Sipp yo talent instead of my champagne..
Got my haaand on the world dey sould start a campaign...
Im a Grown Ass Man if i need money i can obtain...
Just get a bag of shit or maybe twain!
Got new phone numba n all i hear is dey acclaim!
Yo Im fed up with it !
Im jus tryna make a beat n i can't decidewhat im bout to proclaim
Growing up on sum trippy shit has made my brain extramly-straange
Filled with a lota trash u'd lift it u would need a cane
Rozay can't be hold back but when they see blue curaco dey get ovaFEDed n detained
Lashes dooown all the appertains
I ain't really play no games
Killin shit is in the vienes
I deserve the winners Place


Freshest raptor ever
The freshest raptor ever

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