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I guess by forever
You meant until you went and found someone better
When it rains it pours and im sick of this shit like im, under the weather
Ma moms sayin get it together
I state i dont know what upset her
Im feelin like this is a setup
I learned ma lesson the perfect professor
Made me question was ma all enough
How i fuck around and fall in love
You was worryin about ur ex like u bout to go and make a powderpuff
We used to talk for like a hour plus
You was ma dope like a powdered drug
Then yo ex killed our relationship, and you just let him pull the power plug
You started changin and i seen a difference
You say you love me but you mean it different
I tried to ride but u blew the engine
Now its clear as day that you seek attention
Its either that or you just wasn't thinking
Shit, was you thinkin?
I always kept ma shit a hunnid witchu n well now i hate u for a hundred reasons
Like the grass land now we ruined
You make your mistakes, i know thatchu human
Everything was perfect till it got polluted
Can yall bare with me, ucla Bruin
And i got a crib, just so you could move in
Famly n ma friends, tellin me im stupid
Used to point ma finger now ma point is proven
Love me but the loyalty was not included
So yeah bitch i went thru yo phone
Yeah, i went thru yo phone
And no you ain't give me the code
Ain't wastin ma time wit that shitchu was on
Cuz u said u feel so alone
But im layin next to u when u at home
He said come over he miss when you own
N u never told me them feelings was gone
So i wake u up cuz im feelin disowned
And you yell at me as if im in the wrong
U had that nigga here when i was gone?
Flexin emoji i gotta be strong
The pain in ma bones
Cuz i could never understand why
Put that relationship we had on standby
A thousand bitches here at ma side but you the only woman i would stand by
Caught u red handed so u can't lie
I found ma self bein lost in you
You ain't never went to school to be a surgeon but somehow u split ma heart in two
So you dont care bout how u made me feel, emotionally irresponsible
Couldn't tell me nothin when it came to you, i thought cheatin on me wasn't possible... (gahhh damn)

How you gone do me like this
You know i wasn't equipped
You should've just called it quits
If you wasn't gone commit
I put yo calls on restrict
Shit, to me you dont exist
You should've just called it quits
Cause you wasn't gone commit

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