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"Carolina and Wake Forest not very"

Carolina and Wake Forest not very much at all because we wanted to just let it come naturally I was a competitive guy loved by all this was up late something about bass violin and you know it you're dead they are faces franchise he's also become like his father a family man step in little open with his wife Aisha we met in high school in their two-year-old daughter Riley love coming home and say they're seeing you know when she learned today in you smile and have fun in light no not only my in life that my whole family mister they are aware about me my life anymore is

Maximum Shred

Anywhere around here typically is that practice comes home and we are chilling cook Indian Air watching modern family on the cattlemen's playing with Riley labor like the mostnormal people on the base the planet it’s got it but on this Sept day something far from normal never really been a very high school gross product I'm starting to just a week before training camp Stephan in Asia are trying something new for ok well bathroom I reaching new heights was a fitting start Stephens that MBAC shoe real because the NBA's best shooter

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