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"Case study and what we"

Case study and what we found that out use you've seen this we all saw this is that there would be this process maybe a month or two where people feeling great I have more energy but not much is changing other than that and also don't have to speak motion release and the witches often they just say I'm not hungry anymore I don't know what's going on and I just patterns a change that were you experiencing that also we find it.

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Now your definitely it further enacted in effect that would occur that pain and it when the lady I found a she was at my age that kind of arthritic joint pain just went away just like it in a in a being and here are the beautiful surprise but it's just amazing how the body a she and then reconfigured now one based Rome Italy a tipping watcher your so souls I just wonder I justwanna I am back step a second because a lot of people are asking a question how do we find that original true trigger that original Torn occurs you know it's not always clear obviously in a case that uses or car accidents.

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