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"Declan McHugh is fascinated"

Declan McHugh is fascinated by London sinister past have beer barrel and he's about to start his blood and tears to her with the Great Fire of London I just to get warmed up I was with us back on boy and he's outdo tell you by the fire London not allow what he was a fire London this is a and that the fire London began at putting laying down there and the fire London that's one ordinary tour guide will tell you but the fire London incredibly ended in Pike corner he was in the amazing coincidences and some people thought genuinely they thought God is telling us we're eating too much and he is meant to symbolize green tithe way the arms folded over

Elite test 360

The valley symbolizing great now the fire London destroyed eighty percent all the buildings in London now in the buildings there were two hundred and sixty thousand people how many died would you think good guess we thank Obama about the same nine people died in the fire London honest the year before we had displaying and plain white , Londoners you can't see planes but you can see fires but it was still a remarkably low death toll do let another imagination exercise K now there's a secret tunnel under here and I know he likes secret tunnels okay and the secret tunnel is blocked off butt heads in this direction okay shipbuilding that is it. the Old Bailey

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